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Abortion’s Victims

John and I usually stay away from social issues when it comes to the blog; not because we don’t have opinions on them, but because we feel that they are too often used as distractions.  Few social arguments are concrete and almost all of their riddles can be solved with founding constitutional principles.  Abortion, however, is very near and dear to me.  Without saying too much, I was born from a mother who was pregnant at 14 and a man who was 18. 

This weekend I ran across a post on hotair that got me worked up.  The post was written by Lori Ziganto of NewsReal Blog, titled “MTV’s Teen Abortion Sales Pitch: It’s Just “A Ball of Cells”.  Lori took the time to watch the newest episode of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” that, for the first time, focused on a girl who decided to have an abortion.  After reading her piece I decided to watch it for myself here.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see a 16 year old girl deal with the consequences of her decision to have sex.  It’s even more devastating to watch her coerced into the “normal option” of killing the unborn baby.  In the case of this young girl, Markai, was told by the “counselor” not to think of the baby as something with ten fingers and ten toes, but to think of it as what it is, “a ball of cells”.  This lie was convenient enough for the moment of execution and therefore accepted momentarily, but my heart fell when, hours after the abortion, Markai began to have an internal struggle with that lie.  When her boyfriend referred to the aborted baby as “a thing” she become offended and took out on him what seemed to be her own guilt.  Sadly, she began to cry and pointedly told him that he couldn’t understand her pain and that a thing, a ball of cells can “turn into that” [pointing at their 1 year old baby]. 

You see, Markai was duped by a “counselor” at her moment of greatest vulnerability, but her nature knew better.  There is nothing normal about going into a birth canal and destroying the life within you (or even the potential of life if you prefer).  There’s nothing normal about referring to a fetus as “just a bunch of cells” and denying that which will become a person full of life and potential.  There’s nothing normal about celebrating the extinguishing of 50 million unborn babies and calling those who do it “brave”.  

“Normal” has become the makeup of pigs in the abortion dialogue.  Perhaps the worst use of the word is when it’s used to write off the very real damage done to these young women.  Their feelings of loss, their confusion, and their questions are all “normal”.  Of course, they are normal reactions to an abnormal situation.  Awkwardness is completely normal for a man with one leg.  The “normal lie” focuses on the reaction and ignores the deformity. 

Another unfortunate aspect displayed in this show is the mechanism used to make victims of these women while completely ignoring their true victimhood.  These women are, by default, victims of a system that doesn’t praise them for their “responsible action”.  Shamelessly ironic is the fact that these women were praised throughout their procedure and even years after by proponents of their actions.   Overlooking the real victims for a moment (the babies), the other victims here are the girls who have been duped into the lie that they are courageous sufferers for a greater cause. 

There is a challenge here that has been set up by the left at the expense of these young ladies.  Questioning their tough decision (or coercion) to abort will quickly be deemed as hateful judgment.  The real crime is that when anyone stands up against the action of abortion, these young women are sent to the front line to be used as human shields by the left.  Side with an unborn child and the victimhood of raped teens will be thrown in to take your arrows.  The left calls these young women courageous, not for making a tough decision, but for being the ground thumpers in their war. 

Lori Ziganto is right on in her assessment of the idea of “sacrifice” being propagated by the leftists.

The show was entirely agenda-driven and these young girls were sickly used and exploited for that purpose only. The token nod to a pro-life position was a quick question in the discussion panel: “Did you consider adoption?” One of the girls said that wouldn’t have been an option because it wasn’t the baby part that was scary; it was that pregnancy is icky. She had an abortion to avoid pregnancy symptoms. Another one spoke of the sacrifices (her word) that she had to make to pay the $750.00 abortion fee. Her prom ticket, for one.

Sacrifice was a running theme, except it appears that the word has lost any real meaning. The girls spoke of not wanting to sacrifice their college plans. Or of not wanting their partners to sacrifice by having to work two jobs to support another child. And  Markai spoke of not wanting her living infant child to “sacrifice for my mistake.” Such rationales were among the most heartbreaking because it’s what we’ve been teaching our youth with society’s insidious entitlement mentality. There is no right to life, but there is a right to college and a right to not be poor. We can’t put a child through going without food or losing electricity for a few days; losing one’s LIFE is far preferable.

The lie is sickening. If this were read by a person completely ignorant of America they would no doubt imagine it as a place of hardship and suffering.  Ignoring the fact that adoption would circumvent such monetary “suffering” it’s hard to explain this rationale in relation to those places that are really suffering.  How can subscribers to the philosophy of “abortion before suffering” here in America justify any births in third world countries?  They must view men such as Ramjit Raghav, a 94 year old Indian man who calls his latest child “a blessing” as heartless fools. 

In Tim Russert’s book, “Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters of Daughters and Sons” he points out how his father, like many of the fathers of his era, had to work two full time jobs most of his life.  There is an entire chapter dedicated to the hands of that generation; how they were rough, swollen, and torn due to the labor they endured in order to make ends meet – in order to build this nation of luxuries we have today.  If it is nobler to abort children who might go without the luxuries of electricity, cable, or college; or if it forces parents to work overtime or two jobs, then how can we justify the births of more than half of this planet?  Should the poor in Africa, for instance, be considered cruel for having children?  More to point, how can we justify our own existence when such luxuries didn’t exist in our fairly recent past? 

It’s personal to me because I’m one of these write offs that wasn’t worth the risk.  According to leftists’ doctrine, a rape baby is best left to the fates of the unknown rather than the toils of life.  Yet, here I am writing to you because that chance was afforded to me by a 14 year old girl without money or prospects.  My life, like many of yours, has been rough at times.  That said, my pursuit of happiness has largely been fulfilled.  I have a family of my own now which bring me a joy unforeseen by me or the skeptics who would write me off at my most vulnerable moment.  My pursuit, like everyone’s, requires inversely the elements of liberty and life.  What it does not require are the shackles of man’s predetermination.


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  • Country Thinker December 31, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    The last paragraph was a gut-wrencher.

    This post is extremely well-thought, and though as a libertarian I may disagree with the legality of abortion, I undoubtedly agree with you as a moral issue. The “blob of tissue” argument by lefties is patently absurd. At the moment of conception life is formed in a biological sense. You only need one cell for life – just ask a bacterium. A cell is a complex structure that stores and processes a large quantity of information, and consumes energy. These are all central traits for life, which is generally described more than it is accurately defined.

    The bottom line is that the abortion debate needs to center on whether and when one life can be extinguished by another. The “indeendent survival outside the womb” argument from Roe v. Wade has no basis in scientific fact, and is only used by liberals so they can avoid the tougher moral debate. Let’s face it, it is a difficult issue, and avoiding the heavy lifting has bogged the debate down in mud.

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan December 31, 2010 at 5:27 PM

      Thanks for the comment. I know it’s a tough issue, but it’s such an essential issue. While the legality of it may be gray, the morality of it is not. How can a civilized society propogate such barbarism? It cannot.

      This republic requires a moral people in order to function properly and survive. This may be the crux of our moral downfall.

  • Matt December 31, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    That was a powerful post, RHM. The fact that people are willing to kill for their own benefit/convenience is chilling.

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan December 31, 2010 at 8:56 PM

      Thanks Matt, that means a lot. Chilling indeed…but that we’re celebrating it; haunting.

  • John Carey December 31, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    It makes one think just how little value many have placed on human life. Very sad Right…very sad indeed.

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan December 31, 2010 at 8:57 PM

      It makes me think we should put some of these people in charge of end of life counseling in order to save the government some money… Good idea?

  • Maggie@MaggiesNotebook December 31, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    RHM, we teach that abortion is a social issue, not a humane or human rights issue. Young girls/women without moral support at home have such little chance of doing the right thing for both themselves and a baby.

    Your paragraph on Tim Russert, the greatest generation and how they accomplished so much magnificence with such hard work, humility, and no riches, is the real truth of morality.

    I haven’t watched the reality show but Zignato tells me all I need to know. What we do about these young women? We will never get the schools behind the proper programs. As a nation, we are now funding abortions around the world. We are in a fight with a great and age-old evil.

    God bless your young mother, and you for understanding her sacrifice. I’m sure that knowledge has made you much of what you are today. Thank you for giving us the benefit of your experience. I pray someone in need of your words will find this article.
    Maggie@MaggiesNotebook recently posted..Chris Matthews- Obama The Guy Who Comes From Saul AlinskyMy Profile

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan December 31, 2010 at 9:10 PM

      It’s tough to imagine how this problem can be solved. Going back to my opening statement, I think this goes back to Constitutional principles to attack the problem on the many fronts. Public education, medical coverage for abortion, public information promoting abortion, the downplay of religious roles, etc. all promote the problem at hand in stark contrast to the principles the nation was founded on.

      On a side note, I loved Tim Russert. Not because of his politics (obviously), but because he felt his most important title was father…he was a man. He was also fair and tough on MTP. A few months after he died I wrote his wife a long letter telling her of my sentiments. She wrote me a letter thanking me. I will always treasure that letter. In that letter she told me that it meant a lot to her that complete strangers could have her in mind in her time of grief and that it gave her comfort… Her wonderful letter made me feel like I helped ease her pain.

      I too hope this reaches someone who needs to hear it…otherwise it’s just tickling the ears of you fine people.
      RightHandMan recently posted..Abortion’s VictimsMy Profile

  • LD Jackson December 31, 2010 at 8:50 PM

    Wow, what a post, RightHandMan. Easily one of the best I have ever read on the subject of abortion. I can’t think of the words needed to describe how I feel about young women being coerced into thinking they are doing the right thing, but having to live with the consequences of their actions. Very sad, indeed.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Federal Land GrabMy Profile

  • Maggie@MaggiesNotebook December 31, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    John and RHM, wishing you and yours a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.
    Maggie@MaggiesNotebook recently posted..Chris Matthews- Obama The Guy Who Comes From Saul AlinskyMy Profile

  • John Moran December 31, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    Powerful post. Amen. I like that you give props to those of my father’s generation, they of the 60 – 80 hour work week. I recall my Dad always working major holidays, Christmas included. Working overtime outside your normal shift was double time and a half, golden time. Helped pay for important things like food, shelter, kids stuff, school. He set a great example. I may have shied away from hard work and difficult choices a few times in my life, but I cannot recall the last time I did. He taught me that.

    Back to your topic. Anytime I see a pregnant young single girl (I teach HS, so it’s not an exceptionally rare occurrence), all I can think of is that the baby could be adopted by so many people and make so many people happy. My daughter had a child in her teens and looked at him as a speed bump in her road, but never thought of anything but a live baby, for which I am eternally grateful. That boy is now my 15 year old grandson, of whom I am insufferably proud, as I am of his mother.

    Thanks for reminding me how I feel about these things.

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 12:10 AM

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing that. It honors me to have played a minor role in that remembering.
      RightHandMan recently posted..Abortion’s VictimsMy Profile

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  • Bunkerville January 1, 2011 at 6:59 AM

    A wonderful post and a reminder of how much more must be done to right our course. Desensitizing us regarding abortion first, then in time, Seniors will become a drag and nothing more than a ball of cells as well.
    Bunkerville recently posted..Happy New Year!!My Profile

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 9:37 AM

      I’ve worked in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers where the elderly were treated really well by some, and like trash by others. You can tell which people have bought into the idea that the elderly are a waste of space…that they’re no longer human, but medical difficulties.

  • Steve Dennis January 1, 2011 at 7:29 AM

    Great post! I was flipping through the stations the other day and I saw that MTV had a show called “16 and Pregnant” and I just shook my head–I couldn’t believe that this is what they are showing on MTV nowadays. But then I heard about this episode about the abortion and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.
    I can’t get over the fact that these “couselors” can coerce a young girl at the time when she is most desperate into somethng as sinister as killing the unborn and they do it by devaluing the life that is growing within her. It really is disgusting, and in most cases the parents are not allowed to be notified as this is happening. I don’t know what has happened to our society.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Merry Christmas everybody!My Profile

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 9:35 AM

      It is disgusting Steve. In this particular episode one young lady lived in a state that required the parents signatures. Instead of telling her parents, however, she just went t a court and got a judge’s injunction. She argued that telling them would disappoint them. What point is there in having a law when a judge can just take it into his/her hands?

  • KingShamus January 1, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    Unplanned doesn’t necessarily mean unwanted.

    Great post, RHM. Great post.
    KingShamus recently posted..A Fallen Comrade and the New YearMy Profile

  • guy January 1, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    I don’t feel bad when I step on a roach. Which at least knows its alive. You have no right to determine who lives or dies as these young girls do. Miscarage, abortion or killing a flea. They are all ending the life of a nothing.

    • LD Jackson January 1, 2011 at 9:04 PM

      Let me get this straight. Are you saying performing an abortion is ending the life of a nothing? Do children mean so little to you that you would condone their murder before they are even born?
      LD Jackson recently posted..Federal Land GrabMy Profile

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 9:33 PM

      – The roach knows its alive; but a fetus that is moving its limbs, looking at its hands, responding to noise and spicy food, sleeping and waking, etc. does not? It’s not until it exits the womb that it “knows”?

      – I find your verbiage interesting. You said that these girls have the right to “choose who lives or dies”. I find it completely haunting that you’re fine with someone choosing who lives or dies.

      Guy, you are right. I don’t have the burden of having to make the choice that these young ladies are. I also didn’t have any say in the matter regarding my own life as a mute fetus. But please don’t act like I am the one that is making decisions for them. I’m not lying to them in the operation room.

      • guy January 1, 2011 at 10:07 PM

        I really don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I’m just saying that all that thing is is the potential for life. Also you as a male who only have a small comprehension of what a young girl
        …..or any girl for that matter is going through is pompous.

        • RightHandMan
          RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 10:23 PM

          I don’t think anyone here is arguing that the litmus for what is “destroyable”, for the lack of a better word, is that which has the potential for life. A sperm and an egg both have the potential for life, but I am fine with eggs and sperm being destroyed. It is when the two combine to ACTUALLY FORM LIFE that I have a problem.

          A fetus doesn’t have the POTENTIAL for life any more or less than you have do. It is already a living organism upon fertilization. The abortion process, in fact, is commonly done in the 2nd trimester in the states and can be done up to the 3rd and final trimester in some places. To imply that a premature fetus can’t continue to live without the womb is incorrect. They are already living, they’re only being KEPT ALIVE by another being. That illustrates the vast difference between a sperm and egg, which have only a potential at life upon fertilization and a zygote which has upgraded both gametes from potential to living.

  • guy January 1, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    Oh I love children. I’m just saying that raw noodles beef and sauce is only a meal until it’s cooked.

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 9:29 PM

      Perhaps it’s the grammar that has me not understanding a word of what you said…or maybe I’m just dense.

      • LD Jackson January 1, 2011 at 9:31 PM

        Don’t feel too lonely, RHM. I am completely lost.
        LD Jackson recently posted..Federal Land GrabMy Profile

      • John Carey January 1, 2011 at 9:33 PM

        I with Larry on this one Right…not sure where he is going with this.
        John Carey recently posted..Abortion’s VictimsMy Profile

      • guy January 1, 2011 at 9:44 PM

        Haha! Very nice underhanded stab at my miss type. I blame my driod. Sometimes it’s so easy to type things and not notice. I’m eternaly sorry. Or maybe I’m not as leraned (real word) as you. I’m just saying that I don’t feel bad when I jerk off in a sock. So why should anyone feel bad for killing an(shit almost forgot the n… shitty my grammar must be) 8 week old parasite. Both have the potential for life but neither really mean anthing. I’ve never been to a funeral for a miscarage. Unless you count flushing the toliet. Then I just took a huge death!

        • RightHandMan
          RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 10:15 PM

          There is a large difference between a natural miscarriage and an unnatural abortion. There is also a large difference between a zygote and a sperm. Finally, there is a large difference between a parasite and a fetus.

          1. miscarriage & abortion difference: The miscarriage is due to physiological problems that occur with either the mother, fetus, or both that are either accidental or unpreventable. The abortion is the termination of something that is already biologically living.

          2. zygote & sperm: A zygote forms when a sperm fertilizes an egg starting the initial process of a UNIQUE organism’s development. A sperm (or gamete) is not a unique organism and cannot survive without fertilizing.

          3. parasite & fetus: There are so many differences here, it’s embarrassing to post. I will just throw a link at you.

  • guy January 1, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    Err isn’t a meal

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 1, 2011 at 10:16 PM

      Furthermore, I would appreciate it if you could use civilized language. If you’re unable to, I will be forced to start deleting your posts….something I don’t want to do.

  • Teresa January 1, 2011 at 11:30 PM

    Very powerful post, RHM! There is so much moral decay in our country it is truly heart-wrenching. I can’t understand how anyone could think that killing an innocent baby is ethical or a “responsible action” when it is murder. This is downright sickening to me. People are choosing the easy way out instead of being taught that going through struggles in life is worth it. I really can’t stand how life has been devalued in this country. How can we expect a country to be blessed when it sanctions murder? I wonder how many babies who were aborted would be in the workforce right now? Abortion not only affects us morally but also economically. I think that both ultrasound and showing pictures of unborn babies in public is helping to change peoples’ minds, hearts, and souls. God Bless you and your mother, RHM.
    Teresa recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  • Trestin Meacham January 2, 2011 at 8:11 AM

    Well said.
    There are only two social issues I deal with much. Abortion and the Homosexual agenda. Both fix under the umbrella of Cultural Marxism.
    Trestin Meacham recently posted..MY 2011 PREDICTIONSMy Profile

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 2, 2011 at 8:43 AM

      Well…I just happen to be working on the homosexual one…though it might not be what you expect. Stay tuned.

  • Doomed January 2, 2011 at 8:40 AM

    More specifically the progressive left is driven by “excess is bad”. They fear running out of “Stuff”. Greed and glutony is bad. So is consumerism.

    It is this main driving force that has led them to the Abortion option and why they push it so hard. Abortion is one less CONSUMER…..Abortion is one less GREEDY American who can rape, pillage and plunder the resources of the earth.

    Global Warming is about redistributing the wealth to poor nations who are experiencing POPULATION BOOMS…because its statistically proven that developing nations control birth rates.

    Corporations and their hated of such is about Consumption and greed and the raping, pillaging and plundering of natural resources. Their belief that big business and corporations should be punished by punitive regulation and higher taxes to slow their production is based upon a fear of running out of “stuff”.

    Yet when you deal with Liberals you will find them of a mind set that Consumerism is not bad….Hence why you have the left seemingly willing to kill unborn babies and redistribute wealth to other nations(progressives) and on the other hand why that same left is willing to buy SUV’s, work for big corporations, support unions who depend on consumerism to survive and are willing to LET MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS into this country and give them amnesty(LIBERALS).

    So when you deal with the left if you deal with this basic underlying knowledge of them you can fathom their angst more clearly. When you listen to a left politician speak you only have to listen for a few key phrases and you can know immediately if they are a progressive or a LIBERAL.

    Abortion is one more way of controlling……And as Stalin and Khruschev and Lenin found out and understood….GOD must be removed and replaced with the State in order to put their GODLESS AGENDA into place.

    Abortion is wrong but their are staunch conservatives who believe its a choice. There are liberals who believe that abortion is wrong….

    Just remember those mainly and militantly pushing Abortion on the left are progressives….not liberals.

  • […] Sentry Journal has what I consider to be the best post on abortion that I have ever read. RightHandMan deserves major kudos for this piece on the real victims of abortion. […]

  • Teresa January 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    Somehow I left this out – Wishing you, John and your families a blessed, happy, and healthy New Year.
    Teresa recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  • Anthony January 5, 2011 at 10:11 PM

    This is probably the best post I’ve read. Now that I’m a new father I think of my girl and when I think about how some would say that she is just a bunch of cells 6 months ago it’s astonishing. I still remember the shock i felt when someone was telling me that they didn’t want there baby to grow up poor and that’s why they aborted the child. I didn’t even have an answer for that. I remember eating rice and cheese and my family being broke. I’m happy my family gave me chance. Couldn’t believe that the most vulnerable in our society are being attacked and there are people that think it’s ok and even justify in the name of convenience. How far have we come to think convenience is so important that nothing should stand in the way including a child.

    The part about working two jobs to provide is something that I have seen my dad do and I would do the same. The notion of sacrifice is lost in our society and comfort and convenience is chased as the number 1 goal. I pray that guys would embrace being a father and a husband and lead, love and support there family.

    Great Post RHM

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan January 6, 2011 at 5:12 PM

      Thanks Anthony. Grats on being a new dad…it will be your most important title. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.