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America is bigger than a lone madman

This great country and its people have seen its share of pains and struggles in recent years.  From the horrific Oklahoma City  bombing in 1995 to the brutal and senseless shootings at a high school in a sleepy little town in Colorado almost 12 years ago.  We have indeed seen our share of tragic events in our own backyards.  But through the pain and sorrow cause by these cowardly acts of violence America has overcome and survived.  In 1941 when the Empire of Japan carried out a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing our troops and crippling the U.S. Pacific Fleet, we rebuilt our forces and persevered until we defeated Japan less than four years later.  Again we overcame the odds and survived.  We have survived a civil war, a great depression, two world wars, and 9/11 and we will survive the actions of a lone gunman that took the lives of six people to include a nine year old child five days ago in Arizona.

You see America is bigger than a lone madman.  We have taken our share of hits to the heart and soul of our country since its birth and have always come out on top.  The actions of the left to politicize this event and use it to advance their radical liberty stealing agenda are deplorable.  To link a mentally unstable individual to conservative political discourse is reprehensible.  America is bigger than this and we as a people should not accept any action by any political party that would further erode our right to free speech or our right to bear arms.  Are we really going to allow the above madman, the above loser to steal more of our liberties?  I say hell no!  The America I know is bigger than that and we should all be selfish with our liberties and freedoms no matter what side of the political spectrum we fall on.  I’m with Benjamin Franklin; those willing to trade their liberties for security deserve neither liberty nor security.

These are words of wisdom that these liberal senators and representatives should heed. As for those Senators who wish to introduce legislation to curb our free speech and regulate it as they see fit I want to remind them that they took an oath to support and defend the constitution.  That oath demands that they act with restraint when liberties are at stake.  Anything less is a dereliction of their duties and falling short of their oath.  That said, we as Americans have survived adversity and tough times over and over again and we will survive this.  The option they offer encroaches on our liberties and this is unacceptable.  I reject the America they propose and I reject their progressive agenda.  The light of freedom illuminates the way for those in darkness, and we can only be free when our liberties remain intact.  It is our responsibility to guard against the darkness and tend to the light of freedom.

Anything less from us is a dereliction of our duties as citizens.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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