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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

The temperatures actually made it into the 30s this week and we had a bit of a melt off.  It turned cold again for the weekend but I’ll take the warmer temperatures for a few days anytime.  I decided that this week’s theme would be sunrises on the golf course.  The sunrise marks the beginning of a new day and what can I say those warm temperatures last week reminded me that spring is only 4 more months away.  Once again I made my rounds this past week and below are a some of my favorite posts.  So tee it up and enjoy some sunrise pics on the golf course!

Allied Liberty News: Town Hall with Lt. Col. Allen West (R) Florida

American Perspective: Dems need to work on their message

America’s Watchtower: Obamacare: Congress may investigate healthcare waivers

ARRA News Service: The More You Know About YOUR State Government

Blog de King Shamus: The 2010 Oscars: Minorities Need Not Get The Hook-Up?

Bread upon the Waters: Hallelujah! Southern Sudan Free at Last!

BUNKERVILLE: Greatest Moments in Liberal History – Video

Capitol Commentary: Obama’s State of the Union: What They Were Thinking

COMMON CENTS: The List: Obamacare Waivers:

Conservative Hideout: Exploring the Intent of ObamaCare: Donald Berwick and Ezekiel Emanuel

Conservatives On Fire: Black Swans Are Circling Mr. President. Are You Paying Attention?

Eastern Right: Glenn Beck verbally spanks Chris Matthews

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Illinois Supreme Court Puts Rahm Emanuel Back on the Ballot

Fleece Me: Jim Moran drops the race card–what this means to our Republic

Fuzzy Logic: The SOTU In A Nutshell

Gorges’ Grouse: Public Restrooms

Innominatus: Challenger, Go at Throttle Up

Maggie’s Notebook: Tom Coburn: How to Fix Social Security Video

Manhattan Infidel: Wink Martindale Threat Level Assessment Chart Released

Mind Numb Robot: “Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

Motorcitytimes: The Events Unfolding In Egypt

NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog: In Lieu Of Original Thought

No Sheeples: The Big Audition

Political Realities: Schools need competition

Proof Positive: Focus Group, Even Obama Voters Found Obama Hard to Believe

Randy’s Roundtable: Harry Reid (social security is not in crisis)

SayAnything Blog: Where’s The Evidence That North Dakota Needs More Driving Restrictions?

Spellchek: Rare pics of North Korea

teresamerica: Would There Be Outcry by the School if…?

Thatmrgguy’s Blog: Jim DeMint For President in 2012???

The Classic Liberal: An Obligation to Serve the State

The Country Thinker: The Social Security Trust Fund Will Not Be “Drained By 2037” – It’s Already Gone!

The Daley Gator: Its a Klavan Friday

The Lonely Conservative: Beware: Unions Teaming Up to Take Over Health Care

The Other McCain: Who Will Be the Bob Dole of 2012?

The Reaganite Republican: How on God’s Green Earth is Barack Obama Like RONALD REAGAN?

What Would The Founders Think: James Monroe and the Nation’s Call To Greatness…

WyBlog: 2012 presidential campaign slogan: B H O … W T F? … P A L I N!

We at the SENTRY JOURNAL would like to welcome Eastern Right to the LINKs.  Again we would like to thank you for all the great posts. Have a great Sunday!

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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