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Teeing it Up: Super Bowl Edition

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will face each other and battle for 60 minutes to see which team will have bragging rights and become this year’s elite in the NFL.  The winner will take home the Lombardi Trophy and the loser will be left wanting.  So it’s only fitting that this week’s theme is related to the to this annual clash of the NFL’s best.  This past week was extremely active.  We have a President that is being held in contempt by a federal judge and  another President being asked to step down by his people.  Below are some of my favorite posts from the week.  So tee it up and enjoy our Super Bowl edition!

Allied Liberty News: Is Obama guilty of Sedition

American Perspective: Disgusting! Obama gives Russians U.K. Nuke secrets for START support

America’s Watchtower: Republicans to introduce legislation which would stop the EPA…

ARRA News Service: Unemployment Numbers Don’t Add up to a Growing Economy

Blog de King Shamus: Planned Parenthood-Partners in Crime

Bread upon the Waters: 100% of Senate Dems Vote Against Repeal of ObamaCare

BUNKERVILLE: FCC Orders Newsrooms To Partner With Soros-Funded Non-Profits

Capitol Commentary: Cause and Effect and Democrats

COMMON CENTS: Tribute to Ronald Reagan on his upcoming 100th Birthday:

Conservative Hideout: Racism, Calls for Lynching a Supreme Court Justice, Murder at Koch Protest

Montour Heights Country Club, Pittsburgh

Conservatives On Fire: The Obama Administration is Contemptible

Eastern Right: “I don’t really feel left-wing anymore”

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: The Potential 2012 GOP Field

Fleece Me: We are inclusive, now get out!

Forgotten Liberty: Peace Loving Religion of Islam? 14 Year Old Whipped to Death

Gorges’ Grouse: Pay Attention!

Innominatus: People like me. They really, really like me!

Maggie’s Notebook: Ronald Reagan Tribute: Our Country

Manhattan Infidel: My Interview With Astronaut George Taylor

Mind Numb Robot: ‘All Palin February’ Joined by Dana Milbank!

Oneida golf and country club, Green Bay

Motorcitytimes: Obama Ignores Judicial Ruling… Again

NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog: A Poll! Is It Really Michael Moore?

No Sheeples: Work Of Fiction, Work Of Hate

Political Realities: Judge Roger Vinson Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional

Proof Positive: Put Clarence Thomas “Back in the fields”

Randy’s Roundtable: Hope And Change

SayAnything Blog: Arizona Fights Back… Lawmaker Introduces Nullification Bill

Spellchek: What is the biggest mistake the GOP can possibly make with this Congress?

teresamerica: Ronald Reagan Super Bowl Tribute

Thatmrgguy’s Blog: Houses Galore…No Buyers or Renters

The Camp Of The Saints: Not A ‘Friend Of Ours’

The Classic Liberal: Bringing Dictatorship Home

The Country Thinker: Redneckonomics: The Economics of Ice Storms

The Daley Gator: Green Energy? Or war on our energy infrastructure?

The Lonely Conservative: In His Latest Address Obama Berated American Businesses

The Other McCain: How Screwed Are We?

The Reaganite Republican: Ronald Reagan @ 100: Top 25 Quotes

What Would The Founders Think: Common Sense by Thomas Paine

WyBlog: John Boehner needs a trip to Chris Christie’s woodshed

I would like to welcome The Camp Of The Saints to the LINKs.  I also want to thank everyone for the great posts.  My Super Bowl prediction; Steelers will defeat the Green Bay Packers in a very close contest.  Have a “Super” Sunday!

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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