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My pick for the funniest 2011 Super Bowl commercial

Well my football predictions didn’t pan out.  The Green Bay Packers were victorious and earned bragging rights as 2011’s best NFL team.  The Steelers were flat, out of sync, and in the end left wanting.  You can’t turn the ball over three times against a team as good as the Packers and expect to come out on top.  Hey I never claimed to be Jimmy the Greek.  So to my friend Jason, I tip my hat to your Green Bay Packers.  They are indeed this year’s best.  I now many of you enjoy the commercials.  I personally find them for the most part extremely entertaining.  Some are lame while others are absolutely hilarious.  Some attempt to make political statements, while others fall flat.  I have always gravitated towards the funny.  This year I have picked the below commercial for this year’s Super Bowl as the funniest in my opinion.  It was cute and real.  It had me laughing at the end.  Check it out!

Good Stuff.  If only things were that easy in life.

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