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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

Well the last few days have been very very very cold.  We could sure use some of that global warming stuff; oh that’s right they made that stuff up.  Anyway this past week we saw the President tell the DOJ to no longer defend the DOMA.  We still had our Wisconsin Democrats acting like activists and not representatives of the people hiding in a hole.  And finally we witnessed a few union thugs pushing around those who didn’t agree with their socialistic ideology.  In my opinion all these moves and actions have hurt the left.  They have been playing from the rough with every shot they tried to make.  This is why this week’s theme is getting caught in the rough.  The rough is the thicker grass just off the fairway.  The purpose of it is to penalize the golfer for missing the fairway.   As far as I”m concerned the left has been playing from the rough ever since they passed ObamaCare,  This past week though their true colors began to emerge and I believe this will have an impact on them with the voters in the future   This past week I made my own rounds and below are a few of my favorite posts from some great conservative bloggers.  So tee it up and enjoy a round at the LINKs from the rough.

Adrienne’s Corner: Agenda 21 thrown out of Maryland…

Allied Liberty News: The Value of “Stuff”

American Perspective: Kanye complains abortion mommy bribes can cost up to 100K

America’s Watchtower: Barack Obama is hiding lobbyists from public view

ARRA News Service: UNION SUPERPOWER! Featuring “Wisconsin Vern”

Blog de King Shamus: The Red Letter Media Critique of “Star Wars-The Phantom Menace”

Bread upon the Waters: Andrew Klavan Explains Multiculturalism

BUNKERVILLE: Obama dances while Americans waited to be rescued.

Capitol Commentary: San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Wants to Monitor Energy Use

COMMON CENTS: More Liberal Hatred: Racist Leftists attack Black Tea Party Member:

Conservative Hideout: Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: February 2011

Conservatives On Fire: Obama Exercises His Right of Nullification

Eastern Right: Beautiful Israel

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: A More Perfect Dis-Union

Forgotten Liberty: Poll on the Wisconsin Union Debate, Dems Don’t Look so Good

Fleece Me: The utter waste of our tax system

Gorges’ Grouse: I Am SO Blessed!

Innominatus: Ranting: It’s theraputic!

Liberty At Stake: Stupid or Treasonous? (‘Coming to a Head’ Edition)

Maggie’s Notebook: Big Sis Sics Mob on Darrell Issa: Issa Subpoenaes DHS Officials

Manhattan Infidel: August 24, 1814: British Occupy, Burn Washington D.C.; Climate of Hate Blamed

Mind Numb Robot: Democrats Lust for Power at Any Cost

Motorcitytimes: Homeless People Doing Work The Carpenters Union Won’t Do

NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog: Using The Right Words Will Change Reality . . . Right?

No Sheeples:Pouring Money And Fury Into The Fight

Political Realities: An Examination Of Right To Work

Proof Positive: Obama’s Magical Misdirection Tour

Randy’s Roundtable: Too Late?

rjjrdq’s America II: Texas on a Collision Course With the Third World

SayAnything Blog: National Teacher’s Union Doubling Dues Contributions To Political/Media Activities

Spellchek: Obama declares the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

teresamerica: CAIR Individual PWNED by Rep. Allen West

The Camp Of The Saints: “I don’t give a [bleep] about your constitution!”

The Classic Liberal: A Deep Fissure in the American Right

The Country Thinker: News Flash: President declares new right

The Daley Gator: *VIDEO* Leftist, Pro-Union Parasites Deface Wisconsin War Memorial

The Lonely Conservative: To Serve and Protect?

The Other McCain: Greetings From Ohio! UPDATE: Klanville, USA?

The Reaganite Republican: Fresh Violence Rages in Libya (video)

Thomas Jefferson Club: Laws Are Not Optional


What Would The Founders Think:The Indispensable Man

WyBlog: TSA wants your DNA

I would like to welcome Adrienne’s Corner to the LINKs.   I want to once again thank you for all the great posts.  We need to keep our heads in the game because we are living in uncertain times.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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