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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

Another week down, and what I found most interesting was all the important news stories that weren’t really covered by the MSM.  They had Charlie Sheen on the brain all week long.  From talk shows to Fox News, everyone got sucked into the life and times of one Charles Sheen.  It was really a great distraction to hide the real news that was happening.  I mean at least for me Texas farmers and ranchers are being driven off their property by Mexican drug cartels is tantamount to an invasion of our country by a foreign criminal element.  This is a crisis that demands the deployment of the National Guard.  You would think this would have been one of the top stories; but alas it wasn’t.  How about the two American Airmen who were gunned down by a terrorist in Germany.  We can’t even get the Obama administration to call it an act of terrorism even though the Muslim shooter shouted Allahu Akbar right before he murdered in cold blood two of our finest.  Once again minimal coverage by our bias MSM.  We also learned that our Border Patrol Agents are using bean bags against the Mexican drug cartels; drug cartels who are armed with AKs.  This outrageous policy of using non-lethal means implemented by the DHS has already cost of the life of an agent last December.  We do have one story that appears to be gaining some traction.  It’s the story that was leaked by an ATF agent who blew the whistle on a scandal pertaining to gun running from the U.S. to Mexico. From the examiner; The ATF–the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives–and its parent agency, the Department of Justice, have been under intense scrutiny in recent days as news of the illegal scheme to ‘walk’ U.S. guns into Mexico in order to pad statistics has received growing attention in the news media.  You can read the full story here>>

Now if this is true, we’re talking about a government agency directly under the executive branch that is allowing illegal gun running activity to occur just so it can skew the statistics about the number of weapons from the U.S.finding their way to Mexico.  The real question the MSM should be asking is why would they want to skew the numbers?  This is big news and if any of it is true we have a big problem.  At minimum I can think of a couple of people that need to lose their jobs and maybe even spend some time in jail.  This story requires a more focused look i order to see how deep the well is.  If it is true…wow.  I learned about most of this past week’s important stories not through the MSM; but by reading the great  conservative blogs I visit each week.  Below are a few of my favorite posts from this past week.  So tee it up and enjoy a round at the LINKs.

Somewhere in Illinois

Adrienne’s Corner: NEA wants to teach oral sex, masturbation

American Perspective: Oh no! Obamacare is already funded to 105 BILLION!

America’s Watchtower: Murdered Border Patrol agent was armed with a beanbag gun

ARRA News Service: Missouri McCaskill Opposes House GOP Efforts To Rein-In Spending

Blog de King Shamus: More of that Red Letter Media Star Wars Review/Drubbing

Bread upon the Waters: 4,000 Muslims Shouting Allahu Akbar Torch Church, Terrorize Christians

BUNKERVILLE: Salazar lies to Congress – says Gulf oil production at ‘all time high’

Capitol Commentary: Obama and Mexico: We Will Not Allow U.S. Agents to Be Armed

COMMON CENTS: Audio: Rush Limbaugh interviews Donald Trump

Conservative Hideout: An Open Letter to Union Members

Conservatives On Fire: Legal Aliens _ Illegal Aliens

Eastern Right: Taking a break

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Mike Huckabee Attacks Famous Unwed Mother; Shows True Colors

Forgotten Liberty: Democrat Pushing for Higher Gas Prices

Gorges’ Grouse: the lazy farmer: Amish people are terrorists according to the USDA

Innominatus: Now let my people go!

Liberty At Stake: How To Explain What Makes Fleebaggers To Your 5 Year Old

Maggie’s Notebook: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 4 Wobbly GOP Senators?

Manhattan Infidel: Presidential Teleprompter Latest Victim of HAL 9000 Syndrome

Mind Numb Robot: Help Protect Texas Jobs from Illegal Aliens

Motorcitytimes: Obama’s Volt 281… 2011 Dodge Charger 3,263

NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog: Critique Of Latest Annie Leonard Vid

No Sheeples: A Helpful Primer On Government Unions And Their Monopoly On Power

Political Realities: Facts, Not Emotion Should Guide Firearms Debate

Proof Positive: ATF Sits and Watches Guns Illegally Shipped into Mexico

Randy’s Roundtable: Of Course The Unemployment Rate Dropped

rjjrdq’s America II: Hillary Clinton Praises al Jazeera as “Real News”

SayAnything Blog: Thank The President: Gas Breaks $5/Gallon In Florida

Spellchek: Will State nullification laws be the ticket to rein in an unconstitutional Federal Government?

teresamerica: Designer John Galliano’s “I Love Hitler” Anti-Semitic Comment has Consequences

Thatmrgguy’s Blog:In Other Gun Control News…Illinois

The Camp Of The Saints: Exercise Extreme Caution

The Classic Liberal: Pentagon Report On Economic Terrorism

The Country Thinker: The Fed’s War on the Poor

The Daley Gator: ATF Agent: I Was Ordered To Let U.S. Guns Into Mexico

The Lonely Conservative: Jessie Jackson Jr. – Put Right to Economic Security in Constitution

The Other McCain: Let’s Nationalize the Wealth!

The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

TOTUS: Behind The Vail


What Would The Founders Think: What a Different World We Live In

WyBlog: The radical homosexual indoctrination of our children ramps up, now with U.N. approval

I want to once again thank you for all the great posts. You guys are doing the work the MSM is failing to do everyday.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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