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The Wisconsin Ruling: Why play into the left’s hand?

In Wisconsin the left was once again successful in using the legal system to suppress the will of the people.  This is tactic they use over and over again in many states when an outcome does not fall their way.  They have essentially hijacked the capacity for people to self govern themselves by using the court systems on a local and federal level to tie up legislation or in some cases overturn the will of the people.  The intent of our founders was for the people to be the masters not a government or court system; however over the last 50 years the progressive left has skillfully used the court system to subdue the will of the people and create a soft tyranny where people are no longer the masters of their own fate.  This is the reason in my opinion why so many have lost faith in our courts; a system that as of late has been used like a sledgehammer against us.  They’re successfully eroding the republic  from within by using liberal or radical activist judges as their tools to advance their cause.  This in my opinion doesn’t sound like the constitutional republic our founders envisioned.

Yesterday Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued an injunction to stop the implementation of a collective bargaining law that created reasonable limitations on collective bargaining by public service employees. Her ruling not only advanced the agenda of the unions; but it interfered in the peoples’ business being carried out by lawfully elected officials.  This injunction came to be when a local district attorney filed a lawsuit alleging that lawmakers violated Wisconsin’s open meetings law by hastily convening a special committee before the bill was passed.  Liberal Judge Sumi found merit in the suit and issued the injunction.   You can read here a very sound argument by Big Government that makes the case for the actions the Republican controlled senate took and why this lawsuit has no merits.  However this ruling only matters if the Governor plays into the left’s hand.   As stated earlier the left’s goal is to tie up this law in the courts and delay its implementation.  It’s a very effective tactic that has a proven track record. However, what is the real reason behind all this?  Is it really about collective bargaining or something deeper?  Perhaps if union members really took the time to see what was in the law their opposition to it would be much less.  I read the law this morning and I found something very interesting that many of you informed citizens already know.

I believe the source of the union’s ire towards this law stems from the one section that very few union leaders are talking about.  Check it out.

Current law provides that state and municipal employees who are represented by a labor organization have the organization dues deducted from their salaries. Except for salary deductions for public safety employees, this bill prohibits the salary deductions for labor organization dues. This bill also allows a general employee to refrain from paying dues and remain a member of a collective bargaining unit.

Uh oh, sounds like a right to work state.  This is the so called union busting language they want removed.  I say when unions become so corrupt and so intoxicated with power at the expense of the worker then it’s time to bust them up.  This section actually empowers the individual worker and strengthens their labor position.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of necessary benefit adjustments in the law that the union leaders can get their members to rally around; but it’s the above section that gives union members more rights and strips the unions’ ability to garnish their wages for membership dues.  This is where the rubber meets the pavement and this is why the unions are in such an uproar about this law.  The minute union members realize their wages are no longer being garnished or confiscated to pay for their membership, the union loses.  So you see they can’t allow this law to be implemented.  This isn’t about the worker, it’s about the union; it always has been.  The union has already said they’re willing to compromise with the governor in regards to benefits and worker contributions.  “Union leaders have told Governor Scott Walker that workers would pay the increases in pensions and healthcare contributions, as long collective bargaining rights were not taken away from unions.”

Translation, they’re willing to sell out their members as long as the above section is taken out.  Numbers can be adjusted, contributions can be increased, and benefits can be cut at the expense of the worker as long as the union is protected and its workers remained enslaved. to them  The judge in this instance is simply a tool for these thugs and she is being used as such.  So I believe Governor Walker should not play into their hand.  He is making a mistake by appealing this ruling because this is exactly what the left needs to tie up this law in the courts.  He shouldn’t place that much trust in a court system that appears more often than not to have an agenda in mind and has very little regard for the law.  If he does, the will of the people that elected him to do their business will be buried in an often unpredictable court system.  He needs to get this law implemented for not only private sector employees, but also for the good of the public service employees.  The sooner they can feel the real impact of this law, the money in their pockets, the worse it becomes for the unions and the strangle hold they have on the worker.

Governor Walker needs to immediately reconvene the senate, follow the letter of the law as before, and pass the bill again.  This will remove all doubt and take away the left’s tool to undermine our republic with the very institution charged to protect the integrity of it.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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