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Case of the Mundays

A little late this week.

– Captain Crunch has been decommissioned.  After years of attacks on the healthiness of the cereal they changed their recipe and, of course, lost their audience.  Now they’re done for sure…It seems the Soggies were whiney liberals.

– SEIU and other democrats have gone on a hunger strike in protest of labor union laws for state employees.  Perhaps a good contrasting view of what it looks like when the unions aren’t getting fat on our dime is exactly what the country needs.

– Chicago public school Principal Elsa Carmona is disallowing students from bringing packed lunches to school to “protect them from their own unhealthy food choices”.  It’s about time someone started protecting us from our freedoms.

– It’s more important to be PC than in a Seattle school than it is to be correct.  Apparently one of their schools felt like “eggs” were offensive, so they now have to call them “spring spheres”.  When was the last time you saw an egg that was sphere shaped?  Geometry be damned.

– I was only slightly surprised to see a truck with a giant “Don’t Tread On Me” flag waving in the back.  I was more surprised to see some people cheer as it went by.  Things are changing.

– At least Joanne Kloppenburg will always have her “victory speech”.

-Obama’s response to GOP’s budget argument in 2011 “Getting your way is not how it works”.
Obama’s response to GOP’s stimulus argument in 2009 “I won”.

– “Procrastination is the grave where opportunity dies” – well, that and socialism. 

– I’m trying to imagine a world where you can get a mammogram without Planned Parenthood. 

– Speaking of mammograms, the support of Planned Parenthood for their mammograms ignores that Obamacare is the culprit that raised the mammogram age from 30 to 50. 

– It’s always good when Washington gets involved with sports whether it be steroids in baseball, the fairness of the BCS, and now, as recommended by ESPN analyst Kevin Blackistone, supporting the NFL players’ union.  We should also give them Heisman votes.

– 9 different states (interestingly enough, mostly liberal ones) are beginning to create their own state banks in order to bypass the Federal Reserve.  The model they’re following?  The Bank of North Dakota.

And now for your Munday Moment:


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