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It might take a life changing event for Americans to wake up

Have you ever noticed that for the most part it takes some sort of life changing event for people to finally wake up and see things for how they truly are?  How many times have you seen people modify their lifestyles or behavior when something significant happens to a close friend or a family member?  They lose a friend to cancer and decide maybe it’s time to quit smoking.  A family member suddenly dies from a heart attack and they decide that maybe it’s time to change their eating habits or lifestyle.  It seems to take such a monumental event to move someone to action.  Even though there is a mountain of evidence that shows the health risks associated with smoking, an unhealthy diet, or stressful lifestyles, many people ignore the statistics and evidence until it strikes close to home.  I think this is because we live in a society where we believe that it can’t happen to me or at least we are hope it won’t happen.  It’s kind of like death; we all know it’s inevitable we just don’t talk about it because we always feel time is on our side.  But life has a way of always throwing us a curve ball every now and then and at some point we find ourselves questioning our beliefs and own core principles.  We find ourselves looking for the rationale behind an event and ways it could have been prevented.

We witnessed this first hand after 9/11.  Many Americans were stunned and could not wrap their brains around the notion of terrorists hijacking aircraft and using them as missiles to crash into the twin towers and the Pentagon.   We were completely caught off guard; however there were a number of warning signs that we ignored.  On February 26, 1993 a truck loaded with explosives was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Six people were killed and many more injured.  On October 12, 2000, 17 American Sailors were killed and 39 other injured when a terrorist organization called al-Qaeda launched a suicide attack against the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden.  Less than a year later the twin towers and Pentagon were attacked by this same organization.  Why did we choose to ignore the warning signs?  Why weren’t we proactive in 1993 instead of reactive in 2001?  The only answer I can come up with is because we didn’t think it could really happen to us here in America.  The bombing of nightclubs and crowed market places were events that happened in a far away land away from America.  Many viewed the 1993 bombing of the WTC as a fluke, something that slipped through the cracks and we trusted our leaders to get to the bottom of it.  Yes all the signs were there but it took the tragic events of 9/11 to wake the people up and open their eyes to the dangers of radical Islam.

If you leaf through the pages of our own history you will find that this pattern exists and repeats itself over and over again.  Today one of the major things threatening our nation is our national debt.  Economists and elected officials are warning us that if we don’t get a handle on it and drastically cut our spending that America is on a course to go bankrupt in the near future.  President Obama’s administration and the Progressives in congress have made matters worse with their anti-free market policies and their unquenchable thirst to expand the size of government.  Their desire to manage every aspect of our economy and the dollars we earn has stifled growth and capped prosperity.  Our deficit spending is now in the trillion dollar range.  The Fed continues to print money like there is no tomorrow, devaluing our dollar and decreasing the purchasing power of the average American.  Billions of dollars are being sucked out of the economy each day as the cost to fill our tanks continues to increase.  The cost of food is skyrocketing hitting middle to lower income families extremely hard.  Unemployment is at 8.8% while actual inflation is at 10%.   And now we have a President who wants to confiscate more money from the private sector by increasing taxes on those who have achieved a degree of success.  He wants to confiscate wealth from the wealth creators by using the class warfare tactics of “let’s sock it to the rich.”  He wants to seize wealth from one sector of society and redistribute it to another and call it social justice.   History tells us that a policy of increased taxes on the wealthy actually lowers the revenue our government takes in which in turns increases the deficit.  The job creators pack it up and leave town for greener pastures, while the wealthy take steps to protect their money and cut back on spending.  This is how the story ends over and over again.  These misguided policies become a thorn in the side of the middle class that hampers their ability to succeed.

Now with all this happening, with all these warning signs you would think that the average American would be waking up.  I mean after all the warning signs are there; they’re screaming at us to wake up.  Elected officials are telling us we need reform now.  Economists are warning us we’re heading off of a financial cliff.  And yet many Americans continue to sleep.  How do I know this?  Take a look at Obama’s approval numbers.  If the average American was really awake they would see the destructive financial path we’re walking down. They would understand that the policies the Obama administration is proposing do nothing to reduce the deficit and weaken our dollar.  If the people were in tune with this do you really think Obama’s approval numbers would be in the high 40s?  My guess is no.  I believe they would be in the low 30s and the only reason it would be that high is because about 30% of the electorate are liberal/progressives.  My fear is it going to take another life changing event before Americans finally get it .  And unless the government gets a handle on their spending we’re heading for one.  Maybe it will be in the form of some type of fiscal crisis or another major economic downturn.  The one thing I know for sure is that it’s time for people to stop ignoring the problem.  They need to be proactive instead of reactive.   If this means educating themselves, talking to experts or whatever it takes to gain a basic fiscal understanding of our current financial and economic standing then this is what they need to do.  We need people of action not inaction.  We must stand by the core principles of our founders and be willing to make the tough choices that will save our republic.  Each of us has an obligation to our children and our nation as citizens correct our course.  We cannot wash our hands of it because it’s our mess to clean up.  And so we will.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Trestin Meacham April 15, 2011 at 7:31 AM

    I wish some brilliant hacker would interrupt American idol and wake people up.
    Trestin Meacham recently posted..THE BIG DEBATEMy Profile

  • Country Thinker April 15, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    Let me engage in a little self-promotion here, because it tailors with your post perfectly. I have spent the better part of a year and a half working on my novel The Eagle Has Crashed. It is now in the hands of my editor for copy editing – the final step.

    As the title suggests, it is not a happy story. I took on the project for one reason – to wake people up! But creating a story set in Ohio with characters who are very much like folks we all know I aimed to “hit close to home.”

    Whether the book sells well, and more importantly, whether it actually “wakse anyone up” remains to be seen. My fear is that those of us who see what’s coming will nod our heads. Those who don’t will still say “none of that could ever happen.” The awake will understand, and the asleep will continue to snooze.

    If that happens the book will be a failure in my opinion, regardless of how many already-awake people buy a copy.

  • Maggie@MaggiesNotebook April 15, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    John, if it hasn’t happened by now, I fear it is not going to happen. The mindset that American is to blame for jihad is all through so many of our churches. These would be large numbers that would be awake, but instead are in the thralls blaming us first.

    Now we see how deep our capitalist corporations’ tentacles are in the roots of Marxism.

    It’s astonishing. I think this generation and the one just before may have to die out before an awakening.

    Either that or things far worse than we can imagine must come along to turn things around.

    You’ve given every good reason for why we should be alert and in high gear, yet it isn’t happening with the exception of Tea Partiers and others of like mind. I would love to see a poll of Americans who stand behing the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution in every way (and that’s not to say there aren’t a couple of things we need to work on).

    I hate sounding hopeless, but this last week with the CR has left me feeling that way.
    Maggie@MaggiesNotebook recently posted..Rush Limbaugh Donald Trump Interview- China- The Budget and ObamaMy Profile

    • John Carey April 16, 2011 at 11:01 AM

      Things are tough right now Maggie, but always remember it is darkest before the dawn and I believe more and more people are waking up each day. It’s just not happening as fast as we would like. The one thing we need to continue to do is present the facts so that when a life changing event does happen we can be there to point out the things we could have done to prevent it and move forward. The key is being prepared not only for ourselves but for our friends, families, and neighbors. Because when it does happens there are going to be plenty of questions and a great deal of anger and we need to be ready to help pick of the pieces and help our country move forward.
      John Carey recently posted..Late Friday Night Ramblings- TrumpMy Profile

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