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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted our Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs.  I was busy with this thing we call life.  I’m happy to be back.  Spring is finally in the air and it’s time to knock the rust off the clubs and head out to the LINKs.  I finally had an opportunity to make my own rounds this past week and I found a number of outstanding posts.  Below are just a few of my favorites.  So tee it up and enjoy some great LINKs and spring time pics.

Adrienne’s Corner: The Mendacity of Barack Obama…

American Perspective: Look at Trump’s past actions, ignore his words

America’s Watchtower: This day in history: President Lincoln shot

ARRA News Service: 11 US Senators Introduce a Term Limits Amendment

Blog de King Shamus: Why Blacks And Hispanics Are Bailing On Obama

BUNKERVILLE: Pelosi:’Elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do

Capitol Commentary: The Jim Morrison Philosophy of Governing

COMMON CENTS: President Obama vs. the GOP on cutting the budget

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Obama’s Budget Speech Mentions the Death Panel?

Conservatives On Fire: Reclaiming the Republic from Democracy

EASTERN RIGHT: The Nuge: Don’t tread on me

ELEPHANTS in the BLUEGRASS: Why is Steve Beshear Advertising Now?

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: It is Tax Day. Do You Know What Your Elected Officials Are Doing?

Fleece Me: The power of the press – how it is wielded and why

Innominatus: Not enough hours in the day

Liberty at Stake: Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: Secret Oval Office Meeting Tapes

Maggie’s Notebook: Rand Paul on Tea Parties Budget and Huey Long

Manhattan Infidel: New Feature on Manhattan Infidel

Mind Numb Robot: From the Mail Bag…

Motorcitytimes: Big Government does not stop chaos — Big Government is chaos

NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog: China

No Sheeples: Dennis Kucinich: The Ventriloquist Is The Dummy

Political Realities: President Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan – Raise Taxes

Proof Positive: “Wars That Were Unpaid For”

Randy’s Roundtable: Go To Hell

rjjrdq’s America II: Obama to Ignore Parts of Budget Plan

SayAnything Blog: Economically Illiterate: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames iPads For Killing Jobs

Spellchek: America’s greatest threat

teresamerica: Jeff Miron on How To Fix Our Health Care System

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Constitutional Crisis Coming? (via Si Vis Pacem)

The Camp Of The Saints: Don’t Mess With Allen West

The Classic Liberal: United Nations: Law of the Rights of ‘Mother Earth’

The Country Thinker: The President’s Budget Speech and His Breach of the Social Compact

The Daley Gator: Wow, Obama can create jobs, in Brazil!

The Lonely Conservative: Sarah Palin Takes on GOP Establishment, Obama at Wisconsin Rally

The Other McCain: Allow Me To Disagree With Sen. DeMint

The Reaganite Republican: What People are Saying About TRUMP

TOTUS: Budget Time and The Kenyan Dung Beetle


What Would The Founders Think: Federalist No. 18

WyBlog: Everyone is a Tea Partier at tax time!

Thanks for all the great post.  It’s time to put the Republican establishment on notice and remind them that unless they start standing up to the radicals in government who want to spend us into bankruptcy their days in Washington are numbered.  Keep the heat on!

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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