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Case of the Mundays (4/25)

– I would be interested to see what costs their country’s citizens more, Britain’s royal honeymoon, or Obama’s “date night”.  Should we pay for either?

– In 2008, Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would make energy prices skyrocket.  Now he’s supposedly “fighting” to keep prices lower.  The greatest twist to this irony is that he’s going after the speculators that took him at his word. 

– Terry Jones is despicable, but despicable people have rights…or had.  A Michigan Court basically created a “blasphemy free zone” for Islam.  Remember when those who called “hate crimes” a creeping infringement were considered nuts?

– The Obama administration filed a complaint against Boeing for making plans to make a new factory in South Carolina rather than Washington state.  They made the decision because they couldn’t come to terms with the International Association of Machinists union and South Carolina is a right to work state.  Since Jimmy Hoffa can’t be reached for comment, the White House will be running his public relations. 

– A bunch of us conservatives celebrated “Earth Day” by driving our gas guzzlers to Red State BBQ, and I must say, it was wonderful eating dead animals that Mother Earth has provided.  The people at Red State BBQ are excellent!

– Big Sis defends the pat-down of 6-year old by saying it was “done professionally according to protocol”. It’s always nice when you can defend yourself with the rules that you made.  Besides, I’m sick and tired of the clear threat that 6-year old Anglo-American girls continue to display.  Imagine if she had lotion or a sippy cup. 

– Note to President Obama and his finger-licking judgment – even a dead fish can move with the current.

– Since liberals like to make up junk like “Earth Day”, “Harvey Milk Day”, and “Save Bears Day”, I have decided to come up with my own.  It will be called, “If you’re a liberal who hates the rich then don’t ask a rich person to pay your salary day”.  I’m willing to bend on the format of the name.

– So Keith Olbermann said the following about conservative S.E. Cupp, “On so many levels she’s a perfect example of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does”.  Of course the wimp backed off once he got some flack and said that he was referring to counseling that the organization provides.  …The only thing tougher than a guy who backs out of saying a woman should have been aborted by lying about his intent is a Wonkette blogger (more to come).

– I wonder if Olbermann would like to come to my house and give me that same advice?  I am breeding conservative ladies – his ultimate bane.  I made the offer, but he has yet to respond. 

– Good news, Egypt hates us.  Wonder why…

-Thanks to Riverwood Elementary in Cordova, TN and our good pal at Weasel Zippers for this week’s “Munday Moment”.

– And since I’m posting this so late, you get a bonus “Munday Moment”!!!


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