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Video: The War on Walmart

I actually watched this video the other day and it’s a great example of the choke hold unions have on our free market system.  Now this won’t come as a surprise to many of my readers because since Obama won in 2008 unions have become much bolder in their actions to drive out any competition that threatens their power.  Some of the arguments they make in favor of preventing Walmart from entering into their communities are absolutely absurd and don’t match the facts.  Check out the below video.

As I said the arguments against Walmart are absolutely absurd.  I mean really, a Walmart moving into the area is going the jeopardize children.  After all children will be children and steal from Walmart leading to criminal records.  Well we can’t have that!  Have you ever heard anything so bizarre.  The main reason Walmart is not welcome is because it directly threatens the power or should I say strangle hold they have on these communities.  They want to keep their boot on the throats of the average consumer and create barriers that block free market activities.  How American is that?  How good is this stance for the communities they claim to represent.  The truth is it’s not good.  It’s not good for the free market system and it’s definitely not good for the consumer.  It’s a localized version of protectionism and that’s bad for everyone.  Maybe consumer reports should do a cost analysis report on products that are made or sold under the umbrella of the union.   Now that would be interesting reading.  It’s time we as a nation take a closer look at these unions and their activities.

With federal regulations in place to protect the worker, what purpose do unions really serve anymore?   I’m not sure of any.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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