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The Last Days of a Coward: April Showers, May Flowers

This chapter has now come to a close in American history, and like most cowardly murderers, it is note worthy that Osama bin Laden spent the last years of his life hiding only to see justice brought to his doorstep.  But Osama is not the first coward to die hiding from his inevitable earthly judgment in the final week of April.

On April 26th, 1865 John Wilkes Booth was shot in the neck in a burning barn that he had been hiding in.  The bullet paralyzed him and he died among his pursuers only after lingering for three hours with the knowledge of his fate evident.  This coward who shot the President in the back of the head and immediately fled, who held that slavery was a heavenly blessing, and that refused to come out of his hiding place and face justice was sent to eternal justice in spite of his efforts.

On April 30th, 1945 Hitler, with his new bride, committed suicide in the Fuherbunker hideout.  Rather than face the same fate of his pal Mussolini or the wrath of the Russian Bear, he took matters into his own hands.  He spat in the face of the world, committed atrocities against human life, and now the world was returning the favor.  He knew what was coming and he knew there would be no mercy…so the coward provided for himself the last luxury he could find with a pill and a bullet.

It was April 30th (in America) when, in the middle of the night, US Navy SEALs stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and killed the cowardly terrorist.  For several years the terrorist hid from the world’s justice and the families of those innocent lives he was responsible for taking suffered with the knowledge that he still lived, but their loved ones were gone.  They jumped out of windows, suffocated, blew up, and burned; they were crushed by collapsing buildings, and cut by box knives.  Always carrying a gun for protection, Osama never actually had the nerve to look his victims in the eye and pull the trigger himself, or even be near the acts he was responsible for.  He was a hider, a plotter, and a weakling among the weakest; preaching an ideology, but fearfully staying away from its practices.

If bin Laden had been given the time to consider, it would have been a cruel knowledge that his fate would come at the hands of an American who boldly threw himself into harm’s way in order to end the reign of such a coward’s terror.  No Navy SEAL would throw women in front of them as shields as the gauntlet of justice came crashing down, they would protect them.  American soldiers don’t hide from their enemies in bunkers and mountains, they storm them.  The last contrasting lesson learned by bin Laden is that the American military doesn’t send its troops to die, but they can and do bring death with them when the situation warrants it.

There is no doubt that many loved ones of those murdered by this cruel being will shed tears and lay down flowers at grave stones this week.  As Hitler, Booth, and Osama have proven, courage is not needed to create mourners.  Hopefully, as they sit there they remember the goodness in the person they lost, and not the face of terror responsible for taking their lives.  April is now over and so too is the life of the man who brought merciless storms of death to our nation’s innocent.  Let us not celebrate in the storms and destruction of yesterday, but in the blossoms of hope that can now grow and the life that blooms in spite of evil.


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