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Case of the Mundays 5/9

It’s that time again…a pick-me-up in the middle of the redundant mundane, what we here call “Munday”.

– I wonder how the Obama administration will keep the names of the CIA heroes who obtained the information on Osama’s whereabouts  a secret when they’re on trial for obtaining that information. 

– Just as the democrats began to celebrate the McCovery, the first lady called for policies to discourage supersizing it.

– Lawrence O’Donnell  was willing to do something his predecessor never had the gall to do, bring someone from the right on his show to smack him around like a step child.  O’Donnell still feels like his face showed Condi’s fists a thing or two.

– Liberal radio talkshow host (they have those?) Mike Malloy called for the Seals to kill George W. Bush on his show, this in the shadow of his statements hoping for a Beck suicide, choking Rush, noting that Cheney eats Jewish and Muslim babies and Fred Barnes eats children’s limbs, admitted to “violent fantasies” about Scott McClellan and Dana Perino, hanging Matt Drudge, and told Liz Cheney to plan her father’s funeral.  Well, at least he didn’t draw a target. 

– Did I mention that Maddow praised Malloy for his “dark thoughts”?

– Did you hear the good news?  They found OBL hiding in a Tibet monastery.  74 boy scouts were sent in and faced rocket fire.  They managed to break through his laser security, and in a last ditch effort to escape, OBL used a kitten as a shield and jumped from the 2nd story balcony.  Unfortunately, he had a moat there with sharks.  His body was sent on a space craft to the moon where it will later be mock buried in strict Muslim fashion on NASA’s Hollywood lunar set. 

– Nancy Pelosi suddenly thinks OBL is important, now that’s he’s dead and politically expedient.  She also cares about the rich when her campaign starts up.

– Turns out that the Muslim Brotherhood we supported in Egypt seems to think that OBL was righteous in his stance against America’s “invasion” of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The left is so good at finding the moderate in everyone (unless you’re a righty).

– Cindy Sheehan made a statement about OBL.  I wonder why she didn’t have 100 cameras around her like she did when making similar statements during the Bush era.

– Professional wrestler turned actor “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) is apparently an inside man for this administration.  Apparently he knew about the OBL killing hours before the President announced it.  It’s also being leaked that Obama had Steven Segal train the raid team for months prior to their raid. 

– Wondering where all of the “no unilateral”, “killing terrorists makes more terrorists” yahoos are today?

– I wonder if Obama double checked the spelling when he signed the authorization to kill Osama?  We know Nixon would have if the #1 most wanted was named Naxon. 

– Let me get this straight, we didn’t release the photos because we don’t want to inflame terrorists?  What’s next, outlawing rap music, the Miss America Pageant, and owning pets you don’t eat?  They hate us for that too.

– Looks like Newt is going to run.  How hard is it going to remind everyone of his leadership for change in the 90’s and write-off everything else he screwed up during that time as something in the past?

– Big Sister has her new terror threat warning system in place and all I see is a bunch of Americans freaking out. 

– 9 dead in Egypt as Muslims attacked Christian churches.  It’s okay though, I’ve been assured by my liberal friends that this kind of thing rarely happens.

Now for your Munday Moment:


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