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Case of the Mundays 5/16

Indiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that a citizen cannot do ANYTHING to stand in the way of a police officer who wishes to enter their home whether they do it legally or illegally for fear of violence.  This is the state acting to protect the safety of their officers rather than caution on the side of 4th Amendment protections. 

Apparently Osama bin Laden was trying to recruit Latinos and African Americans from America to join his cause, viewing them as oppressed and more willing to resort to terrorism.  They found this information right next to his resumes for teaching positions at Columbia University and the University of Chicago. 

Debra Burlingame, the sister of a 9/11 victim asked the President to fight Holder’s indictment of the CIA interrogators who are partially responsible for the information leading to the much celebrated killing of OBL.  Obama turned his back on her and walked away.  Let this and the 2008 election be a lesson to those who still support Obama, after he personally reaps the benefits of your work, he will turn his back on you.

The problem isn’t the height of the debt ceiling; it’s that you’re walking on too much garbage. 

McDonalds is about to get to start changing out cashiers and replacing them with touch screen ordering screens.  I wonder if that will act as a setback to Obama’s economic McCovery…

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) was asked what Congress could do to lower gas prices.  He said, “We could end oil subsidies”.  When pressed as to how that would actually lower gas prices, he dodged it, but said Medicare was somehow threatened by our $4 billion a year in oil subsidies.  Hey sir, what about that $6 billion a year we subsidies ethanol with? 

Newt has never looked more like his name – a slimy, slithery creature that hibernates in the mud, but can survive in a variety of climates and habitats.  Did you know that most newts are toxic? 

It looks to me that Huckabee has joined the cast of potential king makers.  It might be more important for them to get on the same page than the actual election process itself. 

Syria and Iran are behind the latest attacks on Israel?  This might prove a difficult topic for Ron Paul in the coming weeks.

“Economists don’t fear inflation”, unfortunately investors and families do.  No matter, they’re such a small part of the economy, right?

Former carbon gravy-train rider David Evans has come out saying that the debate for global warming has reached ridiculous proportions and described himself as a current skeptic.  Welcome to the side where your opinion no longer matters Mr. Evans. 

In a recent interview Terry McAuliffe was asked about green tech and coal jobs.  He said, “I spent five hours in a coal mine a few months ago… I would never look those people in the eye and take away their jobs.”  I’m sure you wouldn’t look them in the eye Terry.

And now for your Munday Moment.


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