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Environmentalists Are All About Green $$$

Many of my good hearted colleagues, classmates, and friends often scoff at me when I vent my frustration over government funded “green energy” initiatives.  They cannot understand how I find the bad in legislative policies that cap green house emissions, push for lower energy items, and more efficient vehicles.  In their world, they buy what the salesman is pitching – a cleaner, brighter world delivered to them on a double-rainbow.  Such bliss from government regulation can only come from ignorance. 

Unfortunately there is a harsher reality than the green emerald castle, and there’s a weaker man behind the wizard’s booth.  Government’s green energy initiatives aren’t just folly, they’re dangerous.  Perhaps the most perilous fault is its necessary discount of the free market system.  The dream to “go green” trumps the realities of the market place and with large government subsidies, takes no consideration of the costs.  There is no doubt that we can create more efficient technologies, but why are we doing it and at what cost?

The way that congressional members speak, the green initiatives are multi-beneficial.  They “save the planet”, cut down energy costs, save animals and poor kids, and create jobs (and that was just Pelosi examples).  Our past three Presidents have gone out of their way to promote green jobs and initiatives, each throwing in lines in their State of the Union speeches to support the push.  What has it brought us?  Lower energy costs?  Wealth?  Jobs?  No, quite the opposite; the green initiative is a job killer. 

As is often the case, Europe stepped into this mess before we decided to roll around in it.  Because they beat us to it, we should be able to learn from their mistakes (fat chance).  The UK has done a study over their “green jobs” initiative.  It turns out that for every job the green job created, 3.7 jobs were lost.  The UK wasn’t alone.  Italy lost 4.8 jobs per green job created.  Spain, the country specifically pointed out by President Obama as our energy role model, lost 2.2 jobs per green job created.  Of these “green jobs”, few are actual production jobs (creating some product or service), while many are bureaucratic or temporary.  After more than a decade of pushing for green jobs and investing billions in government subsidies, the country sits at 19% unemployment.   Role model indeed. 

Germany, touted by the left as being the holy land of environmentalism, green job mandates increased the average consumer’s electricity prices by 2.2 cents per kilowatt hour.  The end outcome was an average subsidy per green job created in the solar power industry of more than $240,000 per job, much more than the job paid.  The idea of energy prices necessarily skyrocketing under green initiatives rings true to Obama’s promise.

Denmark, Sweeden, France, Portugul, Greece, Italy, and others are following suit with similar outcomes.  No matter where you look, the green push has killed jobs and ruined growth.  The EU is collapsing, and while this isn’t THE REASON behind the collapse, it’s certainly A REASON.  That hasn’t stopped our political figures from following suit.  Democrats (and some Republicans) have been flirting with Cap and Trade for years, a job killing giant that doesn’t lower emissions, but creates a tax/fine for emissions on companies.  It’s little more than a means to fund further pushes in the environmental policies.  That revenue will be passed on to you and me in the form of higher energy costs, once again, per the President’s promise.   

Unfortunately, some states are leading the way in the green movement.  Among the states in our own country that invest heavily in “green jobs”, the unemployment rate is skyrocketing.  The leaders in green jobs are Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Michigan (and Washington D.C.).  Their unemployment rates with ranking (to include D.C.) are as follows Oregon (9.6, 38th), California (11.9, 50th), Nevada (12.5, 51st), Colorado (8.8, 30th), Michigan (10.2, 46th), Washington D.C. (9.6, 38th).  How’s that working out for them? 

If you think this is something that is in the future, something that isn’t yet hurting us, you’re simply wrong.  I wrote about the subsidies that you and I poured into GM’s electric car dud called the Chevy Volt last year.  Some of that money came from the outrageously large government bailout of the failing business; the other half was funded under “green grants” and loans.  These green loans are a farce, a way of money laundering that completely skips our funding branch (Congress).

In a piece by Bruce McQuain within the confines of Hotair’s Green Room, he shows how these schemes have taken place.  More than a year ago, every tentacle of the MSM was boasting about GM’s payback for the bailout loans claiming a success for the White House.  Few talking heads were so eager to point out the fact that GM actually borrowed money FROM THE GOVERNMENT to payback that government loan.  Fast forward to today.  Chrystler too decided the best way to pay back the government is with their money.  Except this time Fiat, the Italian car company that is now partial owner of Chrystler, is paying back the $3.5 billion they owe with a “fuel-efficient vehicle loan” signed off by Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu.  As Conn Carroll at the Washington Examiner puts it, “The Obama Energy Department is loaning a foreign car company $3.5 billion so that it can pay the Treasury Department $7.6 billion even though American taxpayers spent $13 billion to save an American car company that is currently only worth $5 billion.”

These policies are creating dirty money and an economic bubble that is sure to burst.  The more money we pour into the failing initiative, the worse it will be for America when that bubble bursts.  I wish I could show every example of how these green initiatives are hurting us, but I cannot – the examples are too massive in number.  Most frightening is that it is no longer being done under the radar, but right under our noses.  If we’re willing to bypass Congress and raid the treasury in order to line the pockets of a foreign investor, what aren’t we willing to do? 

The green initiative isn’t about the planet, that’s just the sales pitch.  Money is being laundered through Washington (and other national governments) under a bright green banner.  If you want to help keep the planet clean, I’ll walk beside you with a trash bag.  If you want to improve air quality, I’ll car pool.  If you want to invest your money into the hydrogen car; G-d bless you.  But if you want to take money out of my pocket to fund a failing businesses, you’re going to find warmer receptions from that tree you hug.


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  • John Carey May 28, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Excellent post Right! Cap and Trade is nothing but a money making scam that sticks it to the middle and lowers classes while filling the pockets of the elitists who know what’s best for us. It’s also another method to transfer the wealth from our nation to the rest of the world. It’s falls right in line with Obama’s wealth redistribution policies.

  • RightHandMan
    RightHandMan May 28, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    That’s exactly what Cap and Trade is, a way to tax business, take that money out of the economic loop, and hand it to poorer countries. It’s sad that too many buy into the “feel bad” category of thinking. They feel bad about pollution, slavery, being wealthy, etc. and so they find it palatable to rob others of their possession in order to somehow compensate for their misguided guilt.

  • Steve Dennis May 28, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    Great post RHM, if these policies were any good they wouldn’t need the government subsidies. I am all for alternative energy and research into them but not at the expense of the taxpayers. We need a free market approach to alternative energy and not alternative energy thrust upon the American people before it is solvent.
    But the heart of the matter is the true government agenda in regards to alternative energy; this is nothing but a weath redistribution scheme and the sooner that Americans realize it the better off we will all be.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Congressman threatens to cut off funding for the bombing of LibyaMy Profile

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan May 28, 2011 at 10:29 PM

      I’m for the alternative energy exploration as well…when it makes financial sense.

  • fleeceme May 28, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    Amazingly informative piece, and well written too. Good work RHM. =)

    The problem with the green energy movement is simple, the rank-n-file koolaid drinkers could care less about unemployment facts, foreign subsidies or any of that mess – they only care about how good it feels to be an “enlightened” member of our backwards society. “If only we could be more like Europe”, that is their mantra, and they are accomplishing the mission.

    • RightHandMan
      RightHandMan May 28, 2011 at 10:30 PM

      Like Europe… Remember when it was American to be different from Europe, and they all wanted to be like us?

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  • Trestin May 30, 2011 at 3:05 AM

    This is the best breakdown of the green jobs scam I’ve seen.
    Trestin recently posted..BENSON VS SHARPTONMy Profile