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Teeing it Up: A Round at the LINKs

This past week was a tragic one for the people of Joplin Missouri and the nation as a whole.  While the country came together to help the citizens of Joplin our President toured Europe and attended the G-8 conference.  It has been roughly a week since a tornado a mile wide ripped through the heart of the city  Today President Obama plans to tour the city to assess the damage.  I was stationed at Whiteman AFB for six years and had the privilege of getting to know the people of Missouri.  They are a confident and determined people and I know they will get through this.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.  Today’s theme is golf courses in Missouri.  Below are some of my favorite posts from the past week.  So tee it up and enjoy a round at the LINKs.

A Conservative Teacher: DNC Chair Wasserman Shultz: Another Bizzaro World Invader?

Ace of Spades: Maybe You Should Report, That Obama Has Cut Medicare More Savagely

Adrienne’s Corner: Bad Budget News for Obama…

America’s Watchtower: New Hampshire House delays vote on “right to work” veto override

ARRA News Service: Turncoat Nation – Firewall Commentary By Bill Whittle

Atlas Shrugs: G8 To Give $20B $40B in Jizya for Muslim Brotherhood’s “Arab Spring”

Beers, Guns, and Baseball: What is Causing the High Gas Prices

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Untruth or Consequences

Big Journalism: Bozell Shows How Media Carries Democrats’ ‘MediScare’ Water

Blog de King Shamus: Suspended MSNBC Ed Schultz Playing To Type

BUNKERVILLE: Hillary Clinton opens Muslim Exhibit, says ‘an exciting day’

Capitol Commentary: The Progressives Raise a Genderless Child?

COMMON CENTS: Superlative Video: Why Israel can NOT return to its 1967 borders:

Conservative Hideout 2.0: RINO Alert: Who is Jon Huntsman?

Conservatives On Fire: FDA, USDA and the EPA __ Obama’s Storm Troopers in Action


Doug Ross@Journal: 15 Photos from the Joplin, Missouri Tragedy: Utter Devastation

EASTERN RIGHT: When a picture paints a thousand words

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Sarah Palin is Still Your Favorite

Fleece Me: If unions are so great, let’s organize the military

Innominatus: Air Traveler’s Lament

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Kagan Should Recuse Herself As To Obamacare

Liberty At Stake: The Lessons of the NY-26 Special Election

Maggie’s Notebook: My Article Wins Watcher of Weasel Non-Council Submission…

Manhattan Infidel: Fantasy Island to Shut Down

Moonbattery: Georgetown Denizens Sign Petition to Ban Conservative Sites

Motorcitytimes: Are Some Conservatives Jumping On The Governance By…

NoOneOfAnyImport’s Blog: A Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone

No Sheeples: Mitt’s Well-Played Redistribution Of Wealth, Er, Scraps

Political Realities: In Every Thing, Give Thanks To God

Proof Positive: Obama’s Israeli Peace Proposal in Cartoons

Randy’s Roundtable: 100 Year Flood Hits Home

rjjrdq’s America II: Democrats, the Rich Party

SayAnything Blog: North Dakota Tea Party Caucus Announces…A Series Of Cookouts?

Spellchek: Chrysler pays off its government bailout loan – it’s all good, right?

teresamerica: Why Do Progressives Want to Reduce Humans to Shapeshifting Animalia?

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Thanks to Our Troops…Musical Salute

The Born Again Americans: “ONE JOKE OVER THE LINE” (P)

The Camp Of The Saints: The Laming Of The Shrew

The Classic Liberal: Liberty Energized!

The Country Thinker: How Republicans Can Defeat the Democrats’ Politics of Silence…

The Daley Gator: GOP seeking to head off Obama power grab

The Lonely Conservative: Environuts Win California Case Against Fireworks

The Other McCain: Another Reminder That the Academic Elite Are Your Moral Superiors

The Reaganite Republican: Rickles Roasts Reagan!

Thomas Jefferson Club: A Fine Example of the Liberal Party Line

TOTUS: Sarah in 2012

WARD WORLD: There Is No Choice On Medicare

WESTERN HERO: What’s Wrong With America

What Would The Founders Think: The Great Virginia Triumvirate by John P. Kaminski

WyBlog: Proud to be an American

Thanks for all the great posts.  Keep fighting the great fight and liberty will once again prevail!  Have a great Memorial Day.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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