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Case of the Mundays 6-13

It’s time to review all of that which gives us gray hair and early wrinkles.  It’s time for this week’s Case of the Mundays.

Good news, Debbie Wasselman-Shultz says that the democrats have turned the economy around.  In a follow up statement, she noted other democrat accomplishments which include an end to world hunger, middle-east peace, and the capture/kill of the devil.

More pictures of the wiener have surfaced, this time nude and non-nude pictures from the congressional gym.  I’m tired of reading about this man who never moved beyond social adolescence.  He embarrassed the office and the nation, and until he resigns that wound will fester. 

The President is now trying to convince those “fat cats” that he has demonized for 2+ years that he is worthy of their contributions.  The sad state of capitalism is illustrated by the fact that he will get many of them to sign checks. 

Finally, after ten years of record breaking carbon emissions and ten years of measuring global sea surface temperature variations and lower atmosphere temperatures, the outcome is that we are … no warmer than we were a decade ago.  Probably due to carbon offsets.

Obama is going to spend more on welfare next year than Bush spent on the entire Iraq War.  Irony?  Obama’s accusations against Bush spending money on wars he couldn’t win. 

The mysterious and initially alarming stuff found in the Palin emails turned out to be journalists’ drool and foamy droplets.  Palin had no comment, but the media is in the process of writing one for her anyway.

The liberals have come full circle.  For years they preached a philosophy that meant lowering human living standards in order to save any sub-species from the slightest hardship.  Now, in Australia, they’re pushing for the slaughter of camels as part of a carbon offsetting plan.  Cruelty, thy name is liberalism. 

A peaceful Egyptian Muslim group recorded their sexual assault of Christian girl this week.  They were trying to convert her.  They failed with their last victim as well, she died.  The media was apparently too busy with some wiener to report on this.

According to Israeli reports, Obama gave Netanyahu an ultimatum; he must decide within a month if he accepts the President’s “peace” terms.  This is a tough decision for Netanyahu.  Should he say no immediately to show how unserious he considers the proposal or should he just let the deadline expire to show the President that he’s not playing his game?  Tough call.

Obama told Greece that we’re going to help bail them out of this tough economic time.  Of course, we can’t afford to, so we will have to borrow to help them…which is what got Greece in the mess they’re in now.  I wonder who is going to bail us out. 

 John Stewart came out defending his pal Anthony Weiner saying, “Sometimes we forget these people are human”.  Fortunately, Bush, Cheney, and Palin are and have always been sub-human. 

Weinergate is just one more example of how the blogosphere is on the cutting edge of real media whereas the media is just a puppet for the politicians they are supposed to hold in check.

And now for your Munday Moment, a lesson for Libs and Keynesians:


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