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Case of the Mundays 6-20

Time to ponder on a portion of the preposterous that pushed you into the pessimism you present.  It’s your Case of the Mundays.

The Senate has voted to end Ethanol subsidies.  I would like to say that this is a move in the right direction, but too many voted this way because of environmentalists’ pressure, not because it is an immoral practice.  Also, the House hasn’t weighed in yet.  Here’s an idea, end all energy subsides. 

Imagine for a moment if Andrew Card had been asked about George W. Bush’s tax cut policies and he responded, “It’s hard to explain.  I cannot defend the indefensible”.  You would have heard that quote from every media outlet ad infinitum.  Anyone hear from Bill Daley lately?

On a call in show earlier this week, Chris Christie was asked by one of his constituents, “You don’t send your children to public schools, you send them to private schools, so I was wondering why you think it’s fair to be cutting school funding to public schools?”  His response?  “First off, it’s none of your business”.  He then took her to task anyway.  Chris Christie: Telling it like it is.

The University of Colorado decided that they would add 0.3 millimeters to the annual sea level measurements.  The scientific community agrees, this is just part of science.

The IRS made a mistake and deposited $110,000 into Steven McDow’s bank account.  He spent a good portion of it to pay off bills.  Now this father got to spend father’s day in prison for spending money that was errantly put in his bank account.  I’m wondering how much time IRS boss Geithner spent in jail for evading taxes…

Ed Schultz is calling for lower taxes in North Dakota.  Apparently the tax rates in his home state are too high and they’re hurting his business.  Anyone else laughing?

NBC covered the U.S. Open, this year at our nation’s capital.  They started the program with a nice little piece of military members hoisting and saluting our flag and children saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was well done, except that they purposely omitted the “Under G-d” portion of the pledge.  They later apologized for omitting “a portion of the Pledge”, but still failed to recognize WHAT part they omitted.  It seems they’re just scared to say “G-d”.

The only thing funnier than two grown men acting like lesbians and talking to each other without the knowledge of the other person being another man is when they are two liberals who are lying about their online identity to push an agenda and it comes out publically.

Mark Shields said that low taxes are un-American.  It’s amazing how much of our history you can completely throw out in regards to taxes when you’re paid by the government dime…and the reliance on donations by watchers like you.

I hope that all of you fathers enjoyed your day yesterday. The rest of the year is for the little ones; enjoy them.


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