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There is an elite group of young men and women who keep you, me, and the rest of America sleeping easy at night.  These people are the Air Force members stationed at Minot AFB, ND.  They don’t get much recognition for what they do, but that small base holds two-thirds of our nuclear triad.  While America might not know much about the base, rest assured that our enemies do.  Minot is no glamorous place to be stationed.  As the saying goes, “Why not Minot? The reason is ’cause it’s freezin'”.  Yet there are thousands stationed there, many of them residing in the nearest city, Minot. Many of these troops are kids, 18 to 20 years old who go through tough training to work on or support our nuclear weapons.  I assure you that working 12 hour shifts, much of it spent outside in weather 40 degrees below 0 is no laughing matter.  Yet, every year these forgotten few do it.  Their jobs aren’t easy, there’s no getaway nearby to escape the desolate area, and the praise they receive is little…perhaps attributing more to their excellence.  

The reason that I write this is to notify you of what is going on.  Surely you’ve seen the Drudge headlines regarding the city of Minot and the historic floods.  It seems the city is about to turn into a lake and there is nothing that they can do at this point but flee.  I regret to tell you that many of those same troops I just spoke of are going to lose their homes and belongings – and G-d forbid anything more.  Minot exists almost exclusively to support the nuclear mission.  This natural disaster is hurting our military members and the city that supports those men and women.  This story is very real to John and I and I hope that you might find it in your heart to help out in any way possible.  Please pray for those individuals in the city of Minot.  Also, below is some contact info to The Salvation Army if you would like to help out financially. 

To donate to The Salvation Army’s flood response in Minot, visit, call 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769) or mail a check to The Salvation Army, 2445 Prior Ave. N., Roseville, MN 55113.  Be sure to designate your donation “Bismarck Flood” or “Minot Flood.”

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