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Hope Floats?

Usually I do my weekly “Case of the Mundays”, but I feel that is a little too tongue and cheek at this time.  Instead I thought I would share some quotes from friends of mine who are in Minot, ND.  All of these individuals are in or have been in the Air Force at one time.  I won’t give their names, just their words. 

– Things are going to be ok…I just know it…some how things are going to work out.

– Since FEMA is only for emergency assistance, the rental property will not be covered for immediate funds. We might qualify for a small business loan but no FEMA money.

– wanted to make sure that i mentioned, so many of my friends have seen their homes surrounded by water. my heart goes out to each of you and we will put our homes and our lives back together together. if there is any need or assistance that **** and i can help you with during this time please do not hesitate to call or text us.

– When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well, with my soul.

– Just in perspective, This is the river by our house at 1554 ft. The new prediction is 1563 ft by Friday. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

– Its official it got us today. 🙁 It showed the houses in our neighborhood on the news today.

– We are staying at my brothers. He is the only member of my immediate family not in the evacuation zone. He is letting us stay with him. Thank goodness for family…I can’t imagine having to go to a shelter with my kiddos.

– Its good to have good friends.

– I am already evacuated. If anyone needs help who has to evacuate now get a hold of me.

– Can’t thank everyone who has helped me enough for all the help and support. Special thanks to aj, mike, matt, and peter. Stayin in Mohall until I can start rebuilding since our house is already hit.

– You’re the only thing about this making it worth it. I’d be in a dry, worry free house if I hadn’t have met you. No matter how bad this gets, I won’t regret moving here. Because I met you because of it. I know you’ll keep us safe, and I hope our house stays safe too. I love you so much.

– I don’t know if I told you at all last week but thank you for letting me practically move in during the evacuation

– Natural disasters definitely look different when they are right down the road and they affect people you know

– Sirens going off again…serious thunderstorms which they swear they haven’t seen funnnel cloads but there’s rotation going on…give us a freakin break FOR REAL

– Hahahahahaha funnel clouds now, asteroid tomorrow, earthquake Monday, blackhole Tuesday

– Well the water didn’t make it all the way over my house but it sure gave it its best shot

– We have our families and that’s all that matters, the rest is just property.

I could continue to sift through the comments and put thousands of others up, but I think the point is made.  These are tough times for good people, a community, and a family.  They are working hard for their neighbors, pulling the city together and out of the muck they’re currently in.  I’m proud to call this place, this cursed place, my previous home and those people my friends.


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