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Happy Independence Day

Reminder: Today is the 4th.  Happy Independence Day!  Other than writing a nasty letter to a British monarch today, this is just a reminder to remember the shackles that are being tightened around your wrists today.  I hope you all have a blessed holiday.  –RHM

A few months ago RHM and I had a conversation about how much our lives are regulated each day.  From the amount of water in our toilets to what you can and can’t do on your own property.  In fact our lives have been regulated for so long we don’t even realize how many freedoms we have lost over the last 40 years.  We have grown accustom to this reality and now treat it as a necessary evil to trade off our liberties for a more secure and safer society.  From private businesses being forced to go smoke free because of the hazards of second hand smoke to school lunch choice we see this trade off every day.  The decisions we should be making in our lives each day are being taken away from us in the name of safety, health, and security.  We can no longer be trusted to make personal decisions on our own; we need the government to regulate our lives.  And because we no longer understand the basic concepts of liberty and freedom, we gladly turn over our freedom of choice to our federal or state masters and allow them to choose what is best for us.  We do this each and every day believing it’s for the betterment of our society.   So RHM and I came up with an idea to celebrate this trading off of our liberties for safety, health, and security.  Only July 4th this year we encourage all of our readers, friends, and family members to wear a loose fitting rubber band around their wrist as a symbol to celebrate the regulating of our lives.

Yes I know many of you are thinking what this is just silly but follow my line of thought.  There are many organizations out there that pick a day and request we wear some sort of symbolic symbol to help raise awareness on some vital issue that impacts us.  What could be more vital of an issue that impacts us than the loss our liberties?  So this is why RHM and I are suggesting this action.  We would like the day to be the 4th of July and ask each of you to wear a rubber band around your wrist to help raise awareness about how much our lives are regulated each day.  We would like you to wear the rubber band until 5PM and then at that time read the Declaration of Independence to celebrate the birth of our nation.  The entire point behind this exercise is to get people thinking about their liberties again and to start realizing just how much of their lives are regulated each day.

Now many of you probably don’t need to wear some sort of rubber band or anything else to realize how much we trade off each day in the name security.  However there is a large uninformed segment of our society that simply doesn’t have a clue.  Maybe this symbolic act will force a family member, friend, co-worker, or anyone who is unaware of how much of our lives is regulated to ask what the rubber band is about.  And if we can get people talking about the regulation of our lives, maybe we can get them thinking about liberty and freedom again.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Perhaps you can take a moment to color your rubber band with some red and blue (and leaving other parts uncolored for an off-white).  This will help it stand out and it lines up with our cause.

Also, if you would like a quick link to the Declaration of Independence you can go here. After you’ve considered all of the government intrusion in your life, reflect on this document and how you feel the founders would have received our current state.


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