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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

It’s been a very busy week here in Minot.  The waters are finally receding and for the first time people are getting back into their homes to assess the damage.  It’s not good.  The cost estimates for flood related damages is somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 and $300 million.  These are painful numbers that are going to have an impact on our community for years to come.  In the national news the talk of the week was the debt ceiling debate and project gun runner.  I personally believe that a tentative deal on the debt ceiling has already been struck, call it a hunch.  And all we’re witnessing now is political theater for the masses.  They are taking a page from the Octavian Caesar playbook; create the illusion of the Republic for the masses.  This is what we’re seeing now an illusion of progress.  In regards to project gun runner, if it’s true that Eric Holder had knowledge to the operation in 2009 then he perjured himself to congress and should be fired or even charged.  It’s that simple.  This past week I made my rounds and below are links to the best conservative sites out there.  So tee it up and enjoy another round at the LINKs.

Octavian Caesar

A Conservative Teacher: High Economic Freedom = Where We Want to Be

Ace of Spades: Debt Ceiling Showdown

Adrienne’s Corner: Who’s really paying all the taxes…

American Glob: Check Out The Totally New Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

America’s Watchtower: Gunrunner: Video proof that Eric Holder knew about Gunrunner in 2009

ARRA News Service: Speaker Boehner and House Republicans Abandoned Efforts for Debt-Reduction Deal

Atlas Shrugs: The Jihad Against Southern Sudan

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Torching The Constitution

Big Journalism: Obama and Liberal Media Describe Republicans: Murderous Authoritarian…

Blog de King Shamus: Living And Fighting With The Left

Bread upon the Waters: MI Woman Faces Jury Trial for Growing Organic Vegetables

BUNKERVILLE: D.C Taxi non-problem with a Government solution

Capitol Commentary: Why (Legal) Immigrants Make the Best Americans

Catholibertarian: Patriotic Flash Mob at Cape Cod Stop and Shop

COMMON CENTS: CA-36 Special Election Tuesday

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Agenda: Grinding America Down

Conservatives On Fire: Obama Wants To Get The Country Humming Again


Doug Ross@Journal: Good news: all-out civil war explodes on our unprotected southern border

EASTERN RIGHT: No justice for Caylee

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: The Casey Anthony Verdict

Fleece Me: Teachers and journalists and actors oh my!

J O S H U A P U N D I T: A Matter Of Principle – Taxes, Debt And The GOP

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Obama’s deficit reduction Charades – “sounds like” more taxes

Maggie’s Notebook: United in Hate of Christians and Judeo/Christian Traditions

Manhattan Infidel: Periodic Table to be Updated Periodically

Mind Numbed Robot: Rush Limbaugh Speech July 4, 2011 – Joplin, Missouri

Moonbattery: Why They’re Democrats

Motorcitytimes: Would you trust your economy to Debbie Stabenow (Democrat-MI)?

NoOneOfAnyImport: Twitter Town Hall Funnies

Political Realities: Boehner Will Seek Smaller Deficit Deal

Proof Positive: Obama is C-in-C of Dems Class Warfare Against Productive Members of Society

Randy’s Roundtable: A Dose Of Awsome

Right Truth: The “stand-off imaging system”

Right Klik: Fake Spending Cuts

rjjrdq’s America II: Economists Botch Job Outlook

Robbing America: The Dangerous Economic Illiteracy of the Government

SayAnything Blog: House Votes To Ban Same-Sex Marriages On Military Bases

teresamerica: Muslim Brotherhood Peaceful??, Are You Friggin Kidding Me?!

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Warren Buffett: I could end the deficit in 5 minutes

The Camp Of The Saints: Fox News Report Deals Death Blow To Janice Hahn’s Credibility

The Classic Liberal: Independence?

The Conservative Pup: A Homeless Woman Responds To Plouffe And His Plouffery

The Country Thinker: The Novelists of Washington

The Daley Gator: Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved…

The Lonely Conservative: Charlie Rangel Plays the Jesus Card on the National Debt

The Other McCain: Ann Althouse: Rube

The Reaganite Republican: History Will See Obama as Nothing But a Communist Tool…

The TexasFred Blog: Issa Says He Doesn’t Believe Holder’s Testimony Was Accurate

Thomas Jefferson Club: Obama’s Assault on the Rule of Law

TOTUS: Obama’s Craw fish Dance


WARD WORLD: Rick Santelli On Debt Ceiling

WESTERN HERO: Czar of Chaos

What Would The Founders Think: Thomas Pinckney

Wyblog: Right To Work? Not in New Jersey!

Again I want to thank all of you for the outstanding articles.  Saving the Republic is going to take work.  Have a great Sunday.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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