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Redefining Success

That was the President attempting to defend his bailout plan that is humorously named the “Recover Act”.  Our legislative branch somehow passed this debacle because economists were advising that we must.  President Bush claimed that he had to abandon his free market principles and pass a large stimulus package because the economists were saying he had to. 

In less than two minutes of speaking, President Obama showed his true colors (clear isn’t a color).  This was a flat out admission that he has no long term economic plan.  It’s embarrassing that he continues to call this the “Recovery Act” while admitting that with its phasing out the economy is starting to drift again.  It wasn’t a recovery; it was a weak patch on a leaking dam.  In an attempt to legitimize his actions, he was forced to admit that it was only temporary. 

Still, what is most frightening is that the President deemed this a success.  This is where his true colors shine brightest.  If spending a trillion dollars in order to keep us at 9% unemployment for less than 2 years is a success then I’d hate to see him get on a winning streak.  I guess Rush was right when he wanted to see this guy fail.  Now we have the President fighting to raise our debt ceiling and asking for higher taxes on top of it.  Friends, taking money from the people in order to keep the people working is not capitalism, it’s socialism – and we’re being sucked in. 

The President will no doubt make his big push for another stimulus package when we get closer to 10%, which should be right around campaign time (did that ever stop?).  He will attempt to use our money as a way of filling his personal war chest.  I’m confident that the American people won’t buy it.  To quote President Bush’s old saying, “You fooled me, we can’t get fooled again”.  I’d just like to point out that I wasn’t fooled in the first place.  It’s time for us to reap what we sowed.  Times are ahead will be tough, when will we be brave enough to face them?


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