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Case of the Mundays 7-18-11

Mockery is an insincere form of flattery, more fun when those being mocked welcome the praise.  We here at the Sentry Journal hope that the liberals among us find The Case of the Mundays a worthy tribute. 

Actress Mila Kunis may be a closet conservative.  In one week she managed to spit in the face of Hollywood gospel by accepting a date invitation with a Marine to the Marine ball, squash the idea that casual sex is undamaging, and added that communism is good in theory, but bad in practice.  Well done!

Spending gets you out of a debt problem like overeating gets you out of a weight problem.  It’s time Obama adapted his wife’s nutritional dogma into his fiscal philosophy.

For two years we’ve not managed to find shovel ready jobs in spite of the democrats’ constant cry of failing infrastructure and the millions who are desperate to work.  We also have shovels; so what’s the problem?  Oh, red tape.  How much money and time do you think is spent to get the permits required to build a bridge in this nation?

A woman apparently groped a TSA agent while going through security at an airport this week.  Apparently they like to make the first move. 

Another lemonade stand was shut down this week by police.  The kids in Midway, Georgia were forced to pack up because they didn’t have a business license, peddler’s permit, and a food permit to operate.  When life hands you lemons, go downtown and figure out which permits you have to purchase before getting optimistic.

Obama’s popularity in the Middle East is now lower than what President Bush’s was.  Remember during the campaign when Obama actually ran on the idea that the mere mention of his name in the Middle East would bring world peace on the backs of his unicorn army? Turns out, unicorns aren’t real.  Plan foiled.

Some Harvard researchers want to see obese children taken from their parents.  The idea is that children who become obese are being abused by their parents.  Other than this just being Orwellian, what are we going to do with these 2 million+ chubby kids? 

A few weeks ago Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said that if the NFL lockout doesn’t end then crime will go up.  Apparently the Cincinnati Bengals wanted to prove his point.

It seems that Casey Anthony wants to become a lawyer, but like most Americans looking for jobs she too may be over qualified.

Remember when violent political rhetoric and analogies were deemed a great evil and were considered responsible for the Arizona attack by the left?  Seriously though, putting targets on a map is much more violent in nature than pushing old people off of cliffs and saying that your opponents are holding a gun to the heads of the American people.

And now for a brief glimpse into a liberal utopia… Smile, this is your Munday Moment.


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