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Friday Ramblings: Sean Hannity is finally starting to figure it out…the establishment is the problem

I have listened to Sean Hannity for the last three years and personally I’ve always felt that he has been too quick to side with the establishment on a number of issues.  But lately something has changed within him.  In the past he has talked the talk in regards to conservative values; however far too often he aligned himself with the establishment mentality when push came to shove.  He stood side by side with John McCain during the 2008 election when most hardcore conservatives were running away from the lukewarm conservative.  His support for the Republican brand appeared to be unwavering.  This all changed when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.  It quickly became apparent that President Obama along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi intended to expand the size and the role government would play in our lives.  Additionally Mr. Hannity began to see the role the media played in getting Obama elected and it greatly disturbed him.  He didn’t feel that the President was properly vetted by the MSM and that there was a double standard when it came to conservatives.  It wasn’t until the 2010 election year when Mr. Hannity really started to see the divisive nature of the establishment.

With the rise of the Tea Party movement in the summer of 2009 through 2010, Mr. Hannity began to shift his attention away from the establishment and focused more towards candidates who represented true conservative values.  He witnessed establishment supporting pundits like Karl Rove attacking some of these candidates claiming their far right views made them unelectable.  This troubled Mr. Hannity because deep down he knew this was completely counterproductive.  At one point during his T.V. show on Fox, he looked towards Rove and said he gently disagreed with his position about Delaware Tea Party supported candidate Christine O’Donnell.  This in my opinion was the beginning of his awakening.  He saw the establishment going after candidates he viewed as solid conservatives and he didn’t like it.   2011 ushered in the return of the Republicans to power in the house.  As they began to maneuver to tackle the tough issues and slow Obama’s spending spree down Mr. Hannity looked on with a renewed optimism.  That was until the government shutdown fiasco in March when Speaker Boehner got rolled and embarrassed the party by agreeing to a crappy deal.  Hannity was extremely critical of Speaker Boehner and party leadership on his show and believed that more harm was done to the conservative movement than good.  He understood what many inside the beltway did not, the paradigm had shifted in the political world and things would never be the same.  It was after this event when I noticed his tone had change.

He began to speak more about conservatism and less about the Republican Party.  The debt ceiling debate has stood up the conservative base again.  They demand the Republicans hold the line.  When competing plans were presented Mr. Hannity was one of the first to criticize the Republicans in the Senate for undermining the House’s cut, cap, and balance bill.  When John McCain stood on the Senate floor this past week and quoted an editorial from the WSJ calling Tea Party Hobbits, this pushed Hannity over the top.   On Wednesday night Hannity confronted the man whom he unconditionally threw his support behind in 2008 over the comments.  Below is a clip of that exchange.

Today I was driving home listening to Hannity as I always do and he is finally starting to figure it out; the establishment is the problem and he now understands this.  This is a good thing for the conservative movement because Mr. Hannity has such a huge audience and is a strong conservative voice.  It can only help the cause.  It will also help unify the movement and move us one step closer towards isolating the establishment.  Change will not happen overnight; it will still take work and time.  But remember all great things come with patience and perseverance.  We will prevail.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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