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Case of the Mundays 8-1-11

This week a few medical device companies announced their decisions to move thousands of their jobs overseas to some country that is more business friendly, more profit driven, and more capitalist; Communist China.

“The West Indies Trading Company was the largest business in the world.  They employed a 5th of the whole population of the world. They had their own army.  For 200 years they made 18% of their money alone on their dividends.  They went bankrupt.  No company is too big to go bankrupt.” – Someone didn’t use the proper scare tactics

Mohamed el-Erian from the Huffpo said of the debt ceiling bill that, “it is a compromise that enables everyone in this debt debacle to declare partial victory”.  That’s like two duelers applauding their kill shot accuracy in a gun fight.  Two winners?

Bernie Sanders complained about the corporate tax revenues in America saying, “Many corporations, including General Electric and Exxon-Mobil, have made billions in profits while using loopholes to avoid paying any federal income taxes.”  Should I take this as a socialist endorsement of the flat tax?

Remember that hate crime bill that the President signed just after getting into office?  Remember the dismissed fears that Christians would be targeted?  Well, why is it that the Department of Homeland Security has been doing surveillance on their websites?  No big deal though…

Anders Behring Breivik has been deemed a Christian by those who know almost nothing about Christianity; Mr. Breivik and the MSM.

If the tea party activists are nothing but a bunch of Hobbits from Middle Earth, does that mean McCain is the backstabbing Saruman the White; the wizard that plays on both sides until circumstance makes his true evil nature prime for exposure?  LEFTY!

Trump says he might run for president if the economy stays bad.  If there’s ever a sure thing…

If you tell your neighbor that you got to shoot a Desert Eagle while you were on vacation and they reply with sympathy for the bird, then you have a liberal neighbor. 

If a Giuliani talks in a media outlet, is there a voter to hear it?

Congress has subscribed to marketing campaign tactics.  “Save $50 on this new 3D television if you buy now” is almost the exact same logic as Congress calling this debt bill a cut of any kind.

In six months the state of Wisconsin, with the leadership of Scott Walker and the Republican majority, has turned a $3 billion budget deficit to a $300 million budget surplus. Conservatism works friends – and it works everywhere it is tried.

…which leads us to our Munday Moment. Let’s hope our national congressional members learn this lesson.


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