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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

I want to apologize for getting my Sunday LINKs out late.  No excuses.  This past week had a number of interesting twists to it.  The biggest event of the week in my opinion was the 11th circuit declared the individual mandate in ObamaCare unconstitutional and oh yeah London burning.  Anyway the 11th’s ruling dealt the Obama administration and those who said we needed to pass the bill to see what was in it a major blow.  The individual mandate is the glue that holds this sham of a law together and it will not work without it.  Both sides picked whom they wanted on the unconstitutional “Super Congress” so it’s official, your elected representative has given up more of their power to effectively represent you; awesome!  The Republican debate in Iowa took place this week and I must say it was quite refreshing to actually see a group of politicians discussing ideas to jump start our economy rather than pointing the finger at anyone and everyone as to who’s to blame for our economic woes.  As we peel back the layers of the gunrunner onion, the scandal continues to reveal more information and let me tell you it’s an ugly thing.  The Dow’s roller coaster ride continued on last week’s news of S&P downgrading our rating. And last but not least a bunch of communists are planing a U.S. Day of Rage with a march on Wall Street and a number of other cities on Constitution Day…good times.  As always most of these stories were covered by the outstanding conservative bloggers in our blogroll.  Below are a few of my favorite from last week .  So tee it up and enjoy another SENYRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

A Conservative Teacher: Obama Pressuring Banks to Give High Risk Loans to Poor and Minorites

Ace of Spades: Nancy Pelosi’s Super Committee Picks Are Totally Open To Compromise

Adrienne’s Corner: Tax the evil rich…

American Glob: PJTV: Stephen Green On The Week In Blogs

American Perspective: Santelli: Without Tea Party U.S. would be rated BBB

America’s Watchtower: Gunrunner: At least two felons were allowed to buy firearms…

ARRA News Service: Report: 40 U.S. States Passed Immigration Laws in 2011


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: X’s And Anti-O’s

Big Journalism: Sound Bite for the Day

Blog de King Shamus: Christmas In August, Courtesy of the Wisconsin Recall Elections

BUNKERVILLE: China’s eminent domain – 50 million farms stolen – Agenda 21?

Capitol Commentary: Living in Fear of the London Mob

Catholibertarian: Which Other Constitutional Rights Do We Unwittingly Shed by Stepping Off Our Private Property…

COMMON CENTS: Good News: US to face British riots in 15 years!!

Conservative Hideout 2.0: This is What a Union Goon Looks Like

Conservatives On Fire: Hello Democrats !_ Which Comes First for You, Your Ideology or America?

DON’T TREAD ON US: Why I Did Not Watch The Debate

Doug Ross@Journal: Top 10 Obama Excuses for the Failing Economy


EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question #220–Evaluating the Gun Culture Edition

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Rick Perry: “Page One of any Economic Plan is to Give a Pink Slip” to Obama

J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Case For Jerusalem, Israel

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: “Most people … have had it with the seemingly endless elections”

Liberty At Stake: Sure To Earn a Barosckar

Maggie’s Notebook: Days of Rage Event: New Poster Tells the Story

Manhattan Infidel: The 12 Steps of Democratic Recovery

Mind Numbed Robot: The Austrians Were Right!

Moonbattery: CNN Remains Entrenched in Jim Crow Era

Motorcitytimes: FCC Commissioner warns of attempt to implement fairness doctrine…

NoOneOfAnyImport: You’re Gonna Pay

Pirate’s Cove: Good News! Ricky Perry Is A Big Time Climate Realist

Political Realities: The Issue Of One Issue Voters

Proof Positive: Andrew Klavan – “Talking Cr*p”

Randy’s Roundtable: The Demon

Right Truth: Losing the Habit of Work?

Right   Klik: Al Sharpton, Professional Broadcast Journalist

rjjrdq’s America II: American Bar Association Falls To Reconquistas

Robbing America: The Failures Are Not For Lack of Trying

SayAnything Blog: Yes Taxes Really Do Kill Job Creation

Spellchek: Best anchor rant of the week from MSNBC? Yeah, really!

teresamerica: Abortion: Rick Santorum vs. Rick Perry — 10th or 14th Amendment Issue?

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Nancy Pelosi Uses Race Card…Over Extends Her Credibility Limit

THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: Raising Income Taxes On The Most Successful Earners Is Immoral

The Camp Of The Saints: The Hippies Come Home To Roost?

The Classic Liberal: ‘Gardasil’ Rick Perry for President?

The Country Thinker: Please, Mr. President, No More Stimuli!

The Daley Gator: Federal Judge Throws Out Obama Drilling Rules

The Libertarian Patriot: 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President

The Lonely Conservative: Van Jones Exploits Children to Score Political Points

THE OTHER McCAIN: A Question, Now That ObamaCare Lost Another Appeal

The Reaganite Republican: Clintons Plotting their Comeback on the Smoldering Ashes of Hopenchange?

The TexasFred Blog: UK riots: ‘Race is an issue, especially where relationships are already bad

Thomas Jefferson Club: Wisconsin’s Reforms are Working

TOTUS: London Riots

Virgina Right: Here’s Why Democrat Appointed Judges on Appeals Court Ruled Obamacare Unconstitutional

WARD WORLD: Sarah Palin: “I Am Still Considering A Run’ For President”


What Would The Founders Think: The Centre Cannot Hold

Wyblog: Regulations, regulations everywhere, and the job market continues to shrink

Below are two pics.  One represents and stands for liberty and freedom and the other does not.

Thanks for all the great articles this past week.  We must continue to expose the plans of these progressives/socialists/communists in order to greatly diminish their ability to effect the change they desire.  Keep up the good work and have a great Sunday.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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