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Tea Party members agitate the community agitator in Iowa

The economy is in the crapper, the Dow is an unpredictable mess, S&P has downgraded our AAA rating, and Congress is on vacation.  In a nutshell, they have no budget, no plan, and apparently no clue.  So whenever things get dicey and the country needs some leadership from our executive branch what does President Obama do…he begins a campaign style bus tour.  Yes that’s right, with his approval numbers tanking, the community organizer has hit the road in the middle of August in an attempt to rekindle the 2008 magic and connection he once had with the American people.  Well yesterday in Iowa he wasn’t pulling a rabbit out of his hat, instead he found himself face to face with Ryan Rhodes a member of the Iowa Tea Party who confronted him about the comments made by the VP last month when he allegedly referred to Tea Party members as “terrorists.”

Below is a clip of that exchange.

I predict that this exchange will come back to haunt the President.  His words, “the truth of the matter is considering what’s said about me consistently” pretty much says it all.  He implied that it was acceptable to call Tea Party members terrorists considering what’s said about him consistently.  This is how I read it.  You decide for yourself.

All I know is it’s going to be a long stretch from now until November 2012.  I hope it stays this entertaining.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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