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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

Another week down another week closer to November 2012.  With the economy on a roller coaster ride our President decided it was time to hit the road and campaign…nice.  Now he’s taking a much needed break from all the troubles that come with an economy that is completely tanking.  In my opinion the Republicans missed a golden opportunity here.  They could have cut their vacation short and went back to work.  Think of the points they would have scored.  The slow recovery effort in Minot continued.  Governors from a number of states affected by floods this past year met and decided to cut the Army Corps of Engineers out of the process in regards to developing and implementing flood protection measures.  They have decided that the delays caused by the red tape involved with getting government approval to implement plans was too much.  This is a good thing; states standing up for what is right and taking care of their people.  Speaking of standing up for what is right, below are a few of my favorites conservative links from this past week.  These come from some of the best conservative bloggers on the web so tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

A Conservative Teacher: Obama’s Belief in ‘Bad Luck’ Part of What Religion Exactly?   

Ace of Spades: Why is the GOP Not Demanding We Open Up ANWR and Repeal ObamaCare?  

Adrienne’s Corner: Diron Lyons…   

American Glob: Janeane Garofalo Is A Racist

American Perspective: English warn Americans: Don’t give up your guns!

America’s Watchtower: Gunrunner: Eric Holder requests documents from Darrell Issa

ARRA News Service: The Department of Labor’s Unemployment Hall of Fame  

Atlas Shrugs: Obama’s permanent campaign: 127 fundraisers

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Un-MAPPED Territory

Big Journalism: Reuters shocked that Republicans are opposed to job-killing EPA

Blog de King Shamus: Hollywood’s “Obama Kills Osama” Propoganda Flick Exposed

BUNKERVILLE: Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Head of Communist Youth

Capitol Commentary: Soviet Fiction and Socialist Reality: Part One 

Catholibertarian: A Candid Conversation Between a TSA Screener and a Lady Traveler

COMMON CENTS: WOW: Now an Illlinois Farmer confronts Obama!

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Are the Verizon Workers Striking Over the Impact of ObamaCare?   

Conservatives On Fire: Freedom vs. Security __ Where Do You Stand?   

DON’T TREAD ON US: Party Like It’s 1999!

Doug Ross@Journal: “Hope and Change” by the Numbers 

EASTERN RIGHT: Portrait of a leftist troll

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Sarah Palin May Run for President Anyway   

Freedom’s Lighthouse:  Rick Perry: Obama “Either Doesn’t Care or is Highly Inept” on Border Security 

J O S H U A P U N D I T: How Should Much Should Conservatives Slime GOP Primary Candidates?  

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: While you weren’t looking, Obama passed immigration amnesty

Liberty At Stake: Commentapalooza II

Maggie’s Notebook: Obama’s Constitution Trampling Rages On: Obama’s 9 Impeachment-Worthy Acts  

Manhattan Infidel: The Manhattan Infidel’s Guide to the Coming Great Depression II 

Mind Numbed Robot: In Honor of President Downgrade: Black Cloud – Trapeze   

Moonbattery: Treason 

Motorcitytimes: Great Day On Lake Michigan

NoOneOfAnyImport: Homeschooling: The Honeymoon Period 

Pirate’s Cove: Democrats Get Their Marching Orders On Tax Increases  

Political Realities: President Obama – We Need More Spending And More Revenue 

Proof Positive: Krauthammer on Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

Randy’s Roundtable: Allen West Scores(again)   

Right Truth: Barack Obama: The “Historic” One-Term Presiden

Right   Klik: Obamageddon: The Left Reacts  

rjjrdq’s America II: Antonio Villaraigosa Bashes Tea Party 

Robbing America: Right Out Of Atlas Shrugged USA 

SayAnything Blog: Who’s Ready For A Civil War Among Environmentalists?  

teresamerica: If unions are people then so are corporations  

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Bloomberg Bloomin’ Idiot 

THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: Spencer and Geller are right to be concerned about Perry’s connections…   

The Camp Of The Saints: Never Give In — Ever, Never, Never, Never… 

The Classic Liberal: The “Stimulus” Racket

The Country Thinker: Candycare Begins

The Daley Gator: Your Marxist Moron of the Day is…   

The Libertarian Patriot: Video – Gary Johnson On Adam vs The Man With Adam Kokesh 8/18   

The Lonely Conservative: Brace Yourself for the Effects of Obama’s Energy Regulations 

THE OTHER McCAIN: Chris Matthews: Exceptionally Idiotic

The Reaganite Republican: When Immigration’s the Issue, Michele Bachmann’s the Only Real Conservative

The TexasFred Blog: Five Myths About Rick Perry

Thomas Jefferson Club: I Am Progressive – Hear Me Roar

TOTUS: Obama’s Fishing Trip

Virgina Right: Warren Buffett Pays More in Taxes Then He Realizes  

WARD WORLD: Lautenberg “we got to eliminate the rich”

WESTERN HERO: Democrat Mudball Fight

What Would The Founders Think: First Amendment Follies   

Wyblog: Verizon strike fizzles out, they’ll return to work Tuesday without a deal

Thanks for all the great articles.  We must continue stand on principle and inform the people.  Have a great Sunday!

Liberty forever, freedom for all


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