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Case of the Mundays 8/21

It’s vacation time – Let us depart the world of sanity and slip into the realm of political wisdom. It’s MUNDAY!

You know what would be simply genius? If Rick Perry hopped in this race just to take all of the political blows and then just ditched the primaries late in the game. The pigeonholed attacks on this 3rd coming of Bush is too enticing for the democrats to pass up. Let them use the same old anti-Bush slogans for another year and see how far it takes them when Perry isn’t our man.

As if China needed any other reason to mock and laugh at us, we sent Biden over to reassure them of our future.

Why is it okay for us to give the military a 401k retirement, but it is sacrilege to give people the option of investing their social security into the market?

When Tom Brokaw referred to the entitlement programs in America as “a big ticking time bomb that will eat us up maybe even more than the mortgage crisis” in 2008, Obama couldn’t help but agree and promised to reform them. His following statement must have been lost in editing – “and by “reform” I mean push to expand them.

So let me get this straight… I’m a racist if I say that blacks almost always vote democrat, but you’re not racist if you imply that a black can’t REALLY be a conservative? Thanks for your moral clarity Ms. Garofalo.

Liberals are so happy that they got their man. They only wanted someone who would continue the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, expand the drone killings, go across borders into non-enemy nations to kill terrorists, keep Gitmo open, invoke “state secrets” when asked about potential war crimes, and renew the Patriot Act.

Obama’s recent vacation plans (flying separate jets to Martha’s Vineyard) is just the preamble to his new and brilliant economic plan… The aristocrats can give the peons (us) jobs by just doubling their luxuries. “Would you like two bottles of wine in each of your separate rooms Mr. President?”

Earlier this week a farmer tried to communicate his concerns about how regulations affect him and his way of life. Obama passed the buck to the USDA saying that the farmer should just call them and get the answers in regards to his concerns. Politico took Mr. Obama up on that and, after 10 bogus calls, was told that it was the EPA that handled the regulation at hand. So, Politico called the EPA just to get the same kind of run around. Can’t wait until these yahoos take over health care!

Obama basically forced his Dream Act standards on to America with his recent shamnesty announcement. Of course, the Dream Act was rejected by congress. This isn’t the first time that the regime has ignored a branch of government that is supposed to keep him in check….remember; our President is currently in contempt of court.

And now for you Munday moment… Down with our system of government!


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