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Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Triumph of Human Freedom

Judge Andrew Napolitano hits this one out of the park.  In his PLAIN TRUTH commentary he examines the relationship between the state and the people. His evaluation of this relationship is simply outstanding!  Check out the below clip; it’s worth the watch.

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Will human freedom triumph over the state?  Do we have the courage to challenge the status quo or have we allowed liberty to slip through our fingers for the sake of security?  Can we find our way back to the constitution or are we too frightened to embrace the liberties it was crafted to protect?  Folks these are questions we must really begin to ask ourselves.  I know conservatives that actually believe the trading off of our liberties for security is a necessary evil.  The question is where does it end.  The answer is it won’t.  One day we will wake up and find the government telling us what occupation we should pursue, what we should eat, the type of healthcare we should buy, the type of light bulbs we should use, the vehicles we should drive, the types of guns we can own, the education our children should receive, where to invest our money, and how much money we should make.  Oh wait…we’re already there.

We can continue to vote this politician or that politician into office, but nothing will change until we the people decide that the constitution must be enforced and that liberty is worth preserving.  Until we the people decide to take the time to actually read the document that protects our rights by restraining government and question the actions of what appears to be an out of control state it will matter very little who we send to Washington.  Nothing in the end will change and we will continue to walk down a road that leads to a dead end.

When Maxine Waters says the Tea Party can go to hell, what she is really saying is anyone who dares challenge the status quo can go to hell.  So people who want the country to get back to constitutional principles can go to hell.  That says a great deal about how Maxine Waters sees the relationship between the state and we the people.  And the sad truth is she is not alone with this view.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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