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The Gibson Guitar Company Case: Why it should matter to each of us

I wasn’t really paying attention to the Gibson Guitar story because I felt there were more important issues to be concerned about.  I initially thought it was nothing more than a red herring to divert our attention from more pressing issues such as the Fast and Furious investigation and the EPA’s relentless assault on our energy industry.  Let’s face it with the way our liberties, constitution, and free market system are being attacked through overregulation and a total disregard for the law of the land, does anyone really have the time to worry about the Gibson Guitar company and their dispute with the federal government?  So I filed it under the “not so important” category and moved on.   This is until I read an article about the story this morning and it became clear to me this story was indeed very important.  You see what Obama made clear during the 2008 campaign is that he supported the Marxist idea of redistribution of wealth on a national and global scale.  He peddled the wealth redistribution scheme of cap and trade under the guise of a green economy.  He said under his cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.   The cap and trade world Obama envisions moves hard earned money from all Americans pockets and spreads it throughout the globe.  It has nothing to do with creating a cleaner environment.   People need to remember he never said he was about improving the quality of life of each American, he said he wanted to make sure those who were in the lower income bracket had the same opportunity at success as those who had already succeeded through hard work.  And this opportunity to succeed would be accomplished though higher taxes for those making $250 thousand or more.  That’s one way to redistribute the wealth on a national level.  A way to do it on a global level is through the outsourcing of American jobs and it now appears this is exactly what the Gibson case is about.

Gibson’s problem with the federal government started back in 2009 shortly after the Obama administration came to power.  Federal agents raided the renowned guitar manufacture believing the company was importing suspect wood from Madagascar.  Gibson decided to take the government to court over the raid.  The latest raid on Gibson apparently has nothing to do with Gibson violating U.S. law.  Instead it has to do with Gibson allegedly violating some obscure Indian law.  Below is an excerpt from the article.

Court documents help explain the root of the tree dispute. According to search warrants associated with the latest raid, federal agents in June intercepted a shipment of Indian ebony apparently bound for Gibson in Tennessee. The documents noted that Indian law “prohibits the export of sawn wood,” which can be used for fingerboards — but does not prohibit the export of “veneers,” which are sheets of woods that have already been worked on.

The search warrants alleged that the intercepted shipment was “falsely declared” as veneer, something that would have been legal. However, the documents said the ebony was in fact unfinished “sawn wood,” supposedly illegal.

This in a nutshell is what the entire hubbub is about; veneer versus sawn wood.  This is what the government has decided to spend our tax dollars on.  All I can say is wow.  Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz believes this has nothing to do with the environment and more to do with outsourcing American jobs to India.  Below is another piece from the article.

Gibson’s CEO has said repeatedly that the only reason his company is in trouble is because U.S. workers are completing work on guitar fingerboards in the United States. In an interview earlier this week, CEO Henry Juszkiewicz claimed that the U.S. government even suggested Gibson’s troubles would disappear if the company used foreign labor.

As I stated earlier in the post another form of wealth redistribution is the outsourcing of our jobs.  Look at the actions of this administration and judge for yourself.  Obama refused to lift a deep-water drilling moratorium for the gulf even after a federal judge ordered that the moratorium be lifted.  His administration remained in contempt until he finally lifted the ban in April of this year; however the damage was already done.  It is estimated that over 19,000 gulf oil jobs were lost because of the moratorium.  And to make matters worse, while all this was going on he traveled to Brazil and threw his support behind Brazilian offshore drilling operations pledging the U.S. would be one of their best customers.  The end result was a massive amount of U.S. jobs lost and a plan to redistribute wealth from this country to Brazil in the form purchasing oil from the South America country.  Folks in the real world this policy looks insane; however in Obama’s Marxist world of wealth redistribution this all falls into place nicely.

In the end the Gibson case isn’t about the environment or wood; it’s about the redistribution of American wealth in the form of jobs.  This has always been the goal of this administration.  No matter what you hear the President say this Thursday night in his jobs speech, take all of it in with a grain of salt.  He really doesn’t care about American jobs.  If he did he would have reined in his EPA a long time ago.  He would have eliminated draconian regulations shackling our private sector instead of creating more.  He would have cut the corporate tax rate.  He would have focused on the economy in the first year and half of his Presidency instead of ObamaCare.  The truth is he doesn’t care how many jobs are lost because jobs lost here are gained somewhere else and that’s the cornerstone of his Marxist ideology.  And this is why the Gibson case should matter to each of us.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Steve Dennis September 4, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    There are other frightening aspects to this story also; Gibson is the only maker of musical instruments in the country which is non-union and Martin (a union shop) supposedly buy the same wood from the same place as Gibson and has no problems with the feds. And Gibson donated to Republicans while Martin donates to Democrats.
    I believe this was a hit by the feds in an attempt to intimidate Gibson, and if they are allowed to get away with this it could happen to anyone. This regime appears to be creating an enemies list.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Maxine Waters threatens to tax banks out of existenceMy Profile

    • John Carey September 4, 2011 at 11:04 AM

      I didn’t look at it from that angle but you make a great point here. And you’re right if people allow the government to get away with this where does it end? It’s our tax dollars being used to attack this private company and we should have a say as to how our tax dollars are being used.
      John Carey recently posted..The Gibson Guitar Company Case: Why it should matter to each of us My Profile

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire September 4, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    There seems to be a serious problem with what this administration sees as its priorities.
    Jim at Conservatives on Fire recently posted..It’s Sunday with The Bard of MurdockMy Profile

    • John Carey September 4, 2011 at 11:41 AM

      I think they are following what they see as THEIR priorities. They just don’t see getting the American economy back on its feet as a priority. If they had then they wouldn’t have focused so hard on ObamaCare and implemented policies and regulations that kill job creation.
      John Carey recently posted..The Gibson Guitar Company Case: Why it should matter to each of us My Profile

  • silverfiddle September 4, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    Obama is the Hugo Chavez of North America. Storming a guitar factory with armed agents like it was an Al Qaeda hideout.

    Your take is interesting. I hadn’t though about it like that.

    He is using the force of the federal government to punish his enemies. Fast and Furious was a failed attempt to discredit American gun-dealers by getting their arms down to Mexico so Mexico and the US could then produce them at news conferences and “prove” that US gun sales were fueling the Mexican drug wars. Thank God our corrupt federal agencies are also inept and got caught perpetrating this fraud.
    silverfiddle recently posted..Australia vs. GermanyMy Profile

    • John Carey September 4, 2011 at 11:45 AM

      As I said with Steve the major problem I have with all this is it is our tax dollars supporting this anti-business action. We need to voice these concerns to our elected representatives and let them know we are indeed paying attention. This amounts to nothing more than a federal agency trying to bully a private business into doing what they want. And what they want is to redistribute wealth in the form of jobs to the rest of the world. It’s very sad if you ask me.
      John Carey recently posted..The Gibson Guitar Company Case: Why it should matter to each of us My Profile