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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

The Black Eyed Peas put on a charity concert last night in Minot to help raise money for flood recovery efforts.  Transformer star Josh Duhamel who is originally from Minot and his wife Fergie were instrumental in setting up this benefit concert.  A sold out crowd of 12,000 attended the event at the state fair grounds.  In an ironic twist the number who attended the concert was roughly the same amount of people who were forced to evacuate their homes back in June.  By all accounts the concert was a huge success.  I want to thank the Black Eyed Peas for taking the time out of their busy schedule to come to Minot and put on this performance.  Also this Tuesday (Sept 6) the Coca-Cola Live Positively contest in which our Oak Park is currently in first place with 3,063,781 votes comes to an end.  The winner of this contest will receive $100,000 for park improvements and Oak Park definitely needs it after the flood.  So once again I request that each of you take a few minutes in the up coming days and go to the website and vote for Oak Park.  You can vote as often as you like so don’t hold back.  This past week I made my rounds by visiting the best conservative blogs on the web.  Below are links to my favorite articles from these outstanding sites.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL Round at the LINKs!

Black Eyed Peas in Minot

AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom

A Conservative Teacher: Summary of Recent Changes to Education Policy in Michigan   

Ace of Spades: Why Did Obama Muzzle the EPA? 

Adrienne’s Corner: How dare these beautiful children and their parents want something better…    

American Glob: Great News: Liberals Plan To Run Against Religion In 2012 

American Perspective: Is it racist to post Runaway Slave Movie trailer?  

America’s Watchtower: Maxine Waters threatens to tax banks out of existence   

ARRA News Service: Candidates Should Be Talking About China   

Atlas Shrugs: Inside The Mosque At Ground Zero, On Channel 4 

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Roguish Thoughts On American Decline   

Big Journalism: Proof: Obama WAS Trying to Use Joint Speech As Political Ploy 

Blog de KingShamus: Minot North Dakota Flood Update (BUMPED 6X) 

Bread upon the Waters: Sad: Israel Philharmonic hounded off BBC by Palestinian “hooligans”

BUNKERVILLE: Pelosi: ‘Republicans want immortality’ – nasty rich people  

Capitol Commentary: It’s Not Your “Government” It’s Your “Federal Family”   

Catholibertarian: Our Soldiers on the Front…  

COMMON CENTS: Operation Fast and Furious – The Cover Up Grows!  

Conservative Hideout 2.0: “Green” Jobs Company Favored by Obama Closes…

Conservatives On Fire: EPA _ Protecting the Environment or Killing the Economy?

DON’T TREAD ON US: Myths of Constitutional Government 

Doug Ross@Journal: Could the President be brought down by a single poll?  


EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question #240–Broken Windows Edition  

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Krauthammer Psychoanalyzes Obama…

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador,Cuts Military Ties

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Workers giving up hope keeps Obama’s reelection hopes alive    

Liberty At Stake:  Jack Wiley Dithers Exclusive: Heads Exploding Across DC

Maggie’s Notebook: Warren Buffett Unpaid Taxes: Big-Talking Billionaire Evades Back Taxes  

Manhattan Infidel: Anti-War Rally Postponed Due to Lack of Giant Puppets 

Moonbattery: For Those Who Don’t Know What Racism Is 

Motorcitytimes: Rush Limbaugh, Justice Clarence Thomas and what’s at stake in the 2012 Election  

NoOneOfAnyImport: Sign Up for the Email Alert!  

Pirate’s Cove: Debunking Man-Caused Global Warming In 3 Minutes 

Political Clown Parade: Snubbed: What’s Good For Bush Is Good For Obama  

Political Realities: Ron Paul – Focused On Issues, Not Politics 

Proof Positive: All Those In Favor of Dirty Air and Dirty Water, Please Raise Your Hand!   

Randy’s Roundtable: Picture Of The Day   

Right Truth: If You Only Had One Shot… 

Right   Klik: Obama’s Vitriol and The Era of Antipathy

rjjrdq’s America II: Michael Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 911 Memorial  

Robbing America: Preview to Obama’s Jobs Program to Congress  

SayAnything Blog: North Dakota Spending $24,000 To Hold 11 Obamacare Meetings  

teresamerica: This is Great! – ‘The Tea Party is not Racist’

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: All Aboard Obama’s Bullet Train To Bankruptcy 


The Camp Of The Saints: Fascism On The March! 

The Classic Liberal: Free Market Defined  

The Country Thinker: Want to Stimulate the Economy? Cut Firewood!  

The Daley Gator: Australia To Remove Christ From Textbooks 

The Lonely Conservative: Obama Teams Up With Organization of Islamic Cooperation…

THE OTHER McCAIN: Obama Helping the Rich Get Richer

The Reaganite Republican: America’s Suicidal Fiscal Insanity in Terms Even Joey Plugs Could Understand  

The TexasFred Blog: The FAILURE known as Barack Hussein Obama 

Thomas Jefferson Club: Another Obama Bubble Bursts  

TOTUS: The Main Stream Media Cheers Obama

Virgina Right: THE POWER of ONE ACTIVIST: 916,000 PEOPLE FREED… 

WARD WORLD: Obama Pushing U.N. Blasphemy Laws 

WESTERN HERO: Compared to What?  

What Would The Founders Think: An Interesting Letter from Alexander Hamilton 

Wyblog: Rick Perry and the bi-national health insurance proposal 

Black Eyed Peas in Minot

AP Photo/Kevin Cederstrom

Thanks for all the great articles and have a great Labor Day weekend.  With congress coming back we’re going to have our hands full in the coming weeks.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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