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It’s Constitution Week!

Yesterday was a time for reflection; a time for remembrance as we paid homage to those we lost in the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks 10 years ago.  As Right Hand Man said so eloquently in his post yesterday we changed.  We changed as a nation and as a people on that day.  It was one of those moments in time that was not only life changing event for so many; but one that was defining in nature for us as a nation.  This week marks the beginning of another significant time in our nation’s history.  It’s the week that our current system of government was finalized after months of debate in Philadelphia. On this day in 1787 William Johnson from Connecticut presented the final draft of our constitution to the Convention.  This final draft with minor changes became our constitution.  Judge Andrew Napolitano provides us with a brief history lesson about the origin of our freedoms in the below video clip.  It’s actually very good.

YouTube Preview Image

I will be publishing a few articles about the constitution this week; it is after all constitution week.  It’s a time for us to look back and once again embrace one of the world’s most remarkable documents…our constitution.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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