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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

The big story of the week for conservatives was the Republican debate in Florida.  The the candidate that hurt himself the most was Rick Perry as he fumbled his way through his position on immigration.  The candidate who made huge strides was Herman Cain.  He won the Florida straw poll by double digits.  This goes to show you that the people are rejecting the narrative of the MSM and pollsters and taking a closer look at second tier candidates  We will not allow the MSM to choose our nominee.  Especially an MSM that is already in bed with the Obama administration.  The winds have indeed shifted.  This past week I had an opportunity to visit some of my favorite conservative blogs.  Below are a few LINKs to some great articles from these outstanding blogs.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL Round at the LINKs.

A Conservative Teacher: Abolish the Department of Education- What Does the Data Suggest?   

Ace of Spades: NRO Ponzi Debate [ArthurK]  

Adrienne’s Corner: Possible Solar Tower for 2016 Olympics in Rio… 

American Glob: The Democratic Party Is Neither Democratic Nor A Party… Discuss…  

America’s Watchtower: Obama admits to circumventing the Congress on No Child Left Behind   

ARRA News Service: U.S. Senate Budget Republican Recap 9/23/11       

Atlas Shrugs: Another “Rabbi” Does the Bidding of Islamic Supremacist Sharia   

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: You’re Free To Do What We Want 

Big Journalism: NewsBusted: Goodbye Recovery Summer 2! 

Blog de KingShamus: Unpopularity, Obama and the Liberal/Conservative Divide

Bread upon the Waters: Solyndra Execs Plead Fifth  

BUNKERVILLE: Do you have a fundamental right to choose your food? 

Catholibertarian: Is It Ethical For Catholics To Vote For Pro-Abortion Politicians?    

COMMON CENTS: Video: Who is Rich in America?     

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Student Disciplined for Thinking Homosexuality is Wrong 

Conservatives On Fire: Statism is Killing the Middle Class      

DON’T TREAD ON US: Time for Abolition 

Doug Ross@Journal: One chart to rule them all: the provable idiocy of the “green energy” agenda  

EASTERN RIGHT: Tribute to autumn   

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question #262–Not in the Hunt-sman Edition   

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Herman Cain Calls Morgan Freeman’s Race Card Attack on the Tea Party, “Sad”  

Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Rant: GOP Debate

J O S H U A P U N D I T: France Bans Muslim Street Prayers; Muslims Protest…

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Minimum required debating smoothness   

Liberty At Stake: Newton’s Three Laws (Part 20)

Maggie’s Notebook: Let That Light Be The Light Of Peace  

Manhattan Infidel: My Exclusive Interview with Tony Bennett  

Mind Numbed Robot: A Little Texas/New Jersey Solidarity  

Moonbattery: Congressional Black Caucus Denounces Tea Party 

Motorcitytimes: Cluelessness Running Wild In DC: The DOE’s Solar Decathlon       

NoOneOfAnyImport: So, Do You Like Stuff?

NUKE’s: The Great Flow of US Debt

Pirate’s Cove: Good News! Obama Wants To Kill Asthmatic Kids 

Political Clown Parade: Son Of Stimulus 

Political Realities: Operation Fast and Furious – The Cover Up Continues  

Proof Positive: Rick Perry Comes Out Swinging -video  

Randy’s Roundtable: Its Time To Pull The Plug On The U.N.       

Right Truth: Freed Hikers Bash America 

Right Klik: GOP Debate 9.22.11: The Grades Are In…    

rjjrdq’s America II: Rick Perry’s Texas Jobs Disaster

Robbing America: The Danger of the Republican Debates   

SayAnything Blog: Obama Fundraising With Big Recipient Of Stimulus Funds  

Spellchek: Bearack Obearma 

teresamerica: President Netanyahu at The U.N.: “The Truth Is…, I Cannot Make Peace Alone…” 

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Morgan Freeman, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton…Three Peas In A Pod 


The Camp Of The Saints: Social Security: Unconstitutional Ponzi Scheme Born In Fraud   

The Classic Liberal: Jenn Brown: Corporate Raider  

The Country Thinker: Is Q.E.2 Set to Bite Us?      

The Daley Gator: Leftists continue to piss on our Constitution

The Libertarian Patriot: RINO Hacks John Boehner and Eric Cantor Need to Go  

The Lonely Conservative: Angry Obama 

THE OTHER McCAIN: Dear Bill Kristol … 

The Reaganite Republican: “Obama Sold Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs”  

The TexasFred Blog: Stellar Cast of Critics Slam U.N. As Anti-American, Anti-Israel   

Thomas Jefferson Club: The House Approves 9-Month Censure Limit   

TOTUS: “Right to Life” and the “Death Penalty”


WARD WORLD: Debunking the Palestine Lie     

WESTERN HERO: Clean Energy is Dirty      

What Would The Founders Think: Washington Saw This Coming  

Wyblog: Is Chris Christie the great GOP hope?

Thanks for all the great articles.  You guys are the heat!  Have a great Sunday.  

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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