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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

I’ve been a bit under the weather last few days so I apologize for not making my rounds as often in the latter part of the week.  It was an extremely busy work week and then I got sick on Friday. Go figure, right before the weekend.  The big news to pass on is from the Minot flood front.  Our mayor this week chastised FEMA for failing on multiple levels to deliver on their promise to get trailers set up for people still displaced by the June flood.  FEMA representatives promised some 2,000 trailers would be set up by mid September.  This number was scaled back to 400 trailers and it now looks like the set up date will be the end of October.  This has raised serious concerns because North Dakota winters tend to show up early.  This doesn’t surprise me because government is an absolutely inefficient beast that can NOT be as responsive to the needs of the people as a local government.  Anyway let’s hope the state will inject itself into the process and find a way to help these people out.  I’m normally not a big supporter of any government intervention; however because this flood was a man made event caused in my opinion by the complete mismanagement of water flows out of Canada, I feel in this instance the government whether state or federal has an obligation to make this right.  This past week was a busy week in the conservative blogosphere.  Below are links to some a my favorite articles.  So tee it up and enjoy another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

A Conservative Teacher: Desperate Obama Begs Supreme Court to Rule on Obamacare

Ace of Spades: The Few, the Proud, the Mind-Numbingly Clueless

Adrienne’s Corner: Bill Whittle: Live Free or Die  

American Glob: VIDEO: Another Company Points Out That They Never Took A Bailout 

America’s Watchtower: Gunrunner: Fast and Furious timeline 

ARRA News Service: Road to Recovering From A Weak Economy       

Atlas Shrugs: Egypt: St George’s Church attacked and burned by Muslims

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: Obama Math: 2 + 2 = Class Warfare  

Big Journalism: CBS News for Covers “Fast and Furious”; Rest of MSM Doesn’t  

Blog de KingShamus: Elizabeth Warren, Explained 

Bread upon the Waters: How Many Nobel Laureates Did It Take to Give Solyndra $1/2 Billion?

BUNKERVILLE: ATF says ‘no guns’ if using medical marijuana

Capitol Commentary: Perry, Romney, Bachmann… Please Someone Else! 

Catholibertarian: Pope Benedict and The Nazis      

COMMON CENTS: Video: 11 Year Old benched for scoring TOO MANY Touchdowns!      

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Longshore Union Fined $250,000 for Sabotage, Longshoremen Promising More…

Conservatives On Fire: Regulation Nation and Jobs      

DON’T TREAD ON US: Foreign Policy Pop Quiz 

Doug Ross@Journal: Van Jones: Dude, Like 80% of Americans Are Marxist Crackpots…

EASTERN RIGHT: Musical rant    

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Al Qaida to Ahmadinejad: Dude, Where’s My Credit for 9/11?  

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Lou Dobbs  “I Don’t Want a Dull, Hectoring, Lecturing President” 

Fuzzy Logic: Are We Really Awake?

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Democrats Draw A Hard Line – Tax Increases Before Any Spending Cuts   

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Declaration of the Occupation of Perpetual Grievance 

Liberty At Stake: Commentapalooza III

Maggie’s Notebook: Fast and Furious: “Significant Confidentiality Interests” Claimed by WH  

Manhattan Infidel: Bob The Builder Arrested for Murder

Mind Numbed Robot: Radical Islam Infiltrates Federal Government

Moonbattery: Why Barack Obama and Eric Holder Belong in Prison

Motorcitytimes: Global warming protests are so 2008… In 2011 it’s Occupy Wall Street        

NoOneOfAnyImport: Update on Those “We The People” Petitions 

NUKE’s: Attack of the Killer Cantaloupes 

Pirate’s Cove: Team Obama Considers Suing More States Over Illegal Immigration  

Political Clown Parade: “Math” 

Political Realities: Herman Cain For President  

Proof Positive: Things That Make You Go, “Hmmm!”  

Randy’s Roundtable: Picture Of The Day        

Right Truth: You Know The Democrats Are Scared …  

Right Klik: National Review vs. Herman Cain: Reductio ad Hitlerum   

rjjrdq’s America II: Obama Jobs Bill Would Let Jobless Sue Employers 

Robbing America: Education Nation     

SayAnything Blog: Charlie Rangel Chased From “Occupy Wall Street” Protest By An Angry Mob  

Spellchek: Beers with Herman Cain

teresamerica: Is History Repeating Itself? — First Attack Watch And Now The Federal Reserve…   

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Feds Hit Gibson Up For More Wood…Is Obama Building Some New Furniture?


The Camp Of The Saints: We’re All Felons Now    

The Classic Liberal: Republican “Hope and Change”  

The Country Thinker: At the End of the Tunnel—September 16, 2011      

The Daley Gator: Never forget that Comunism is evil incarnate! 

The Libertarian Patriot: Come And Get Me Coppers – Federal Reserve To Monitor Social Media 

The Lonely Conservative: Van Jones Promises ‘October Offensive’ Against the Tea Party 


The Reaganite Republican: Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies   

The TexasFred Blog: Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools  

Thomas Jefferson Club: Solyndra Misuses the Fifth Amendment 

TOTUS:  The U.S. Debt Bomb and Political Finger Pointing


WARD WORLD: Vanderbilt University Hates Religious Freedom     

WESTERN HERO: Gays in the Military was not about Gays in the Military   

What Would The Founders Think: No Class, Not Underclass

WyBlog: Their Arab brothers should fund Palestinian Hamasistan, not us 

Oak Park

One final note.  It was made official this past week.  Minot’s Oak Park won the Coco-Cola live positively best park campaign with 3 million plus votes.  Oak Park will be awarded $100k to help restore the park.  You all played a key part in making this happen.  Again I thank you!  Keep up the great work and have a great week.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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