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Operating on Thinking vs. Feelings, and why it is Potentially Dangerous

Kindly take a view of this video, because it shows something about the hard left that is potentially dangerous.

Much has been made of this video in terms of the fact that they rejected the Congressman, who was a hero of the civil rights movement. Ironically, he would have been welcome at a Tea Party event. However, there is a larger point for me to make here. Did you notice how many times the man conducting the meeting asked the assembly how they “felt?” It was a repeated phrase, and it means far more than many of you might know. It has been a persistent observation that the left uses emotion to drive their movements. While that may seem superficial at first, it has drastic consequences for all of us.

Obviously, we all have feelings. We experience anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, and all the rest. These are inherent to the human condition, and they enhance our existence. Without joy, love, and happiness, life would be rather drab. And while sadness, anger, and anxiety are often unpleasant, they can often be channeled into positive action. However, without higher order thinking to provide a check on emotion, feelings turn us into something feral, and therefore very dangerous. Without idea, morals, and standards to guide us, emotions can rule rather than enhance our lives.

This brings me to some alarm with what we are seeing from the left. We have noticed that many of the protesters have no idea why they are there. We have also seen irrational behavior from some of them. While that might be drug-induced, we also see that they are long on emotion, and rather short on facts, or the thinking to process information that might be presented. This, my friends, creates the perfect recipe for the creation of useful idiots. There are people that get upset due to some irrational and unrealistic beliefs, and then, their anger is focused on a specific group. Think of how many atrocities were perpetrated by Communists, and Fascists in the last century. Did these movements not focus anger over injustices, real and imagined, and created states guilty of killing millions? Have we not seen considerable violence from leftist movements in a variety of countries, including the US, over the last few years? These are the hallmarks of people that feel, and do not think (of course, some of them do think carefully, but they are likely sociopaths). These are the people that our late friend Bezmonev refers to a “demoralized.” They cannot process facts. They run on emotion, and are easily fed by simple propaganda. And since they cannot process factual information, they will be easily mislead by organizers/leaders that give them an easy target for their anger, and promises of an even easier future utopia. This is a recipe for a great deal of violence.

Consider how many of these people get to this state. They come from many backgrounds and circumstances. Many were indoctrinated by public education. Many are simply looking for a free ride. Some have fallen into Marxism to escape their own failure or resentment of that others are more successful. Others naively believe that Climate Change The Big Lie, is a direct threat to humanity. There are many reasons for people to be upset, some of them legitimate, but the application of their anger is misplaced. All of them fail to process the facts that show them to be incorrect. To an extent, they are unthinking, or their thinking is limited by their indoctrination. No matter how they arrived as useful idiots, they are the perfect foot soldiers for, and eventual victims of a future Marxist state.

Sadly, because of their indoctrination, they are embracing a system that is the greatest killing machine in human history. Communism, Fascism, and even Progressivism killed millions in the 20th century, yet these poor souls have embraced it totally. Yes, they might be calling it something else, and they might have convinced themselves that either all of the deaths did not occur, or that this time “it will be different.” Of course, we know history, and what will happen if leftists try to install a Marxist state. It will eventually devolve into a tyrannical state, killing any one who opposes it, and even innocents-all in an attempt to maintain power. And more unfortunately, these useful idiots will be among the first to die once a new order is established, however, their demoralization will prevent them from learning that historical lesson-until it is too late.

In the end, these people seem peaceful, but they are deluded by a destructive and murderous philosophy. They also appear to be thoroughly demoralized, and are running on emotion rather than fact. For those reasons, they are a potential powder keg. Given the proper spark, violence might start, and be difficult to stop. Similar movements around the world have resorted to violence when their demands were not met. I can see no reason that this one will not as well. However, I would be happy to be wrong.


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