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My thoughts on the debate…we’re being played.

Last night I watched the Republican debate live on Bloomberg’s website and I found it very disappointing.  The setting was very causal with the candidates sitting at a round table as if they were all old friends.  The one thing I noticed is Mitt Romney was seated in the power position at the table.  He was in the center facing the audience while the perceived lesser candidates circled him.  Perhaps the seating chart was random and I’m reading too deep into it; however the position of Romney appeared to be staged and purposeful.  The other thing that was quite obvious in my opinion was Romney was permitted to speak without being interrupted by the moderators.  The other candidates appeared to be rushed as if they were playing beat the clock.  The questions seem to find their way to Romney and he monopolized the debate as other candidates like Rick Santorum fought for the scraps.  He spoke without really saying anything.  Then there was a question from a woman in the audience and at first it appeared there was some confusion as to who the question was directed at.  When ask who the question was for, she replied, “I was told the question was for Mr. Romney.”  That’s when the feeling in my gut was confirmed; this debate was set up for Romney to win.  It was nothing more than a staged event.  Now before you cast this crazy assertion aside and vow never the read another article from the SENTRY JOURNAL follow my logic.

Since the Florida straw poll Cain has been surging in the polls.  He’s definitely not the establishment candidate and this sudden surge makes the establishment very uneasy.  Their candidate is of course Mitt Romney and even though he has maintained his lead over the other candidates in the end he has only garnered around 20 percent support.  What this tells me is that Republicans are not very excited about Romney and in order for Romney to have any chance of winning the nomination he must find a way to get the base excited about his candidacy.  Romney is a seasoned politician who comes across as Presidential and polished.  He knows how to play it safe.  He knows all the tricks of the trade in regards to shifting momentum in his direction.  These tricks include a solid performance in the debates, key endorsements, using the media to advance his RINO position, strong head to head polling numbers against Obama, and never really committing to anything too radical.  He is getting help from moderate conservatives like Chris Christie, the establishment, and the left.  You see the left wants Romney because they believe he’s McCain light, someone the base cannot get excited about.  They also feel that he is the least conservative of the bunch.  His willingness to work with Democrats, his support for TARP, RomneyCare, and his belief in Medicare and Social Security as essential programs that must be saved are enough reasons for the left to support him.  And as I said they know the conservative base will have a hard time getting excited about his candidacy and this is good news for Obama.  Now I realize that most of us said in the conservative blogosphere we will support the Republican candidate no matter who it is; however this doesn’t mean average conservative will do the same.  You see we’re engaged and we know the real danger of Obama winning a second term.  On a daily basis we highlight the failures of his policies on our blogs, but in the end this doesn’t mean the average Republican voter is as engaged.  A number of Republicans simply don’t like the idea of another John McCain representing the party in 2012 and if this happens many might choose to sit this one out.  The left is counting on this.

When New Jersey governor Chris Christie threw his support behind Mitt Romney hours before the Republican debate this was a calculated move in my opinion to boost Romney’s chances.  Christie is an establishment supported Republican and Mitt Romney is backed by the establishment.   It will be interesting to see who Sarah Palin throws her support behind.  I believe this endorsement will carry much more weight in conservative circles than a Christie endorsement.

Now if you still don’t believe this debate was designed for Romney to win, checkout what the left leaning Washington Post had to say about his performance.

We expected Romney to shine in this economic-focused debate and shine he did. Romney was knowledgeable and detailed — as expected — but also relaxed to the point where he let a little bit of his personality show. Romney’s biggest hurdle in this race is that he strikes lots of people as inauthentic and awkward. Not only was he head and shoulders above the other candidates on stage when it came to looking presidential, Romney also showcased his human side. His best debate in a string of very solid performances.

Wow!  They want to crown him the Republican nominee right now.  He was marked in the Winners column.  Folks I believe we’re being played.  We’re being played by the establishment and the left.  They’re leading us in the direction to nominate moderate Mitt Romney and this is the last thing we should be doing right now.  We have a tremendous opportunity to nominate a rock solid conservative because Obama is no longer the most popular guy in the room.   His policies have been so destructive …so radical that just about anyone could run against this clown in 2012 and win.  If this is the case why would we want to settle with John McCain light?  Let’s nominate a conservative who will undo all the damage this administration has done.  As I said I see this as an opportunity for the conservative movement.  Let’s not waste it!

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • LD Jackson October 13, 2011 at 4:50 AM

    I wish I could find a reason to say you are wrong, John. Unfortunately, I am afraid you are right. I would love to see more of the media coverage focused on candidates who are decidedly more conservative than Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, just to name three of them. Having them featured more prominently in the debates would help us see the differences, but the establishment can not abide by that. Just as they couldn’t abide anything less than forcing John McCain down our throats in 2008.

    I am beginning to think we really need to focus on our congressional elections next year. They may be more important than ever.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Barack Obama and the Twilight ZoneMy Profile

    • Steve Dennis October 13, 2011 at 4:53 AM

      Agreed Larry! It seems as if we are not going to get the most conservative candidate so we must also make sure we are working towards making more gains in the House and Senate as well.
      Steve Dennis recently posted..Occupy Wall Street starts to show their true (red) colorMy Profile

    • John Carey October 13, 2011 at 6:25 AM

      What we really need to do is continue to expose what the establishment is trying to do Larry. We need to use our blogs to open the eyes of conservatives and allow them to see the game they’re playing with us. I do agree we need to stay focused on increasing our numbers in the House with solid conservatives and retaking the Senate. I believe it was you who said this is a marathon…not a sprint. I agree.
      John Carey recently posted..My thoughts on the debate…we’re being played. My Profile

  • Steve Dennis October 13, 2011 at 4:52 AM

    I agree John. I didn’t like the format either because it made the debate dull in my opinion and was designed to make Romney the winner. I too noticed the way Romney didn’t seem to have a time limit to his answers while the others were held to the one minute limit. The media is once again trying to pick our candidate for us and I hope we don’t fall for it this time. I had forgotten about that instance with the question from the crowd but it was strange wasn’t it? It made the whole debate seemed contrived.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Occupy Wall Street starts to show their true (red) colorMy Profile

    • John Carey October 13, 2011 at 6:28 AM

      Yeah that question from the audience did it for me. “I was told this question was for Mr. Romney.” Really? They couldn’t have been more obvious than that moment in the debate as to who they were steering the people towards. The good news is only 20 percent of the conservatives are buying what they’re trying to sell. Let’s hope reason will prevail in this process.
      John Carey recently posted..My thoughts on the debate…we’re being played. My Profile

  • MLaChance October 13, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    Last night, on Brett Baier, the pundits were talking about how well Romney is doing. They were discussing all the ways in which his career, as a presidential candidate, has helped him to become such a good debater, politician, etc. In the middle of this Romney love fest, Baier gets a “just in” news alert. It was the poll numbers from the WSJ/NBC News poll. The beltway boys may have chosen their candidate, but polls show that the actual VOTERS have chosen a different one.

    Later in the eventing, O’Reilly goes on to dismiss Cain as unelectable. Then I check my email and there’s a transcript from Beck’s radio show. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. They were going on and on about how well Romney did in the debate. That was the last straw. I don’t know why we bother anymore. It all seems predetermined.
    MLaChance recently posted..Marxist, Say The WordMy Profile

    • John Carey October 13, 2011 at 6:32 AM

      It is predetermined M. When Romney gracefully bowed out of the 2007 primaries and allowed McCain to solidify his support, the establishment basically told him he was next in line. This is why they are pushing him so hard. I do believe this election is much different however. I believe conservatives are actually looking for the most conservative they can get elected, hence the poll numbers that favor Cain. What the establishment and the left are doing to get Romney elected is becoming painfully transparent and the people are beginning to see through it.
      John Carey recently posted..My thoughts on the debate…we’re being played. My Profile

      • MLaChance October 13, 2011 at 6:51 AM

        I need to spend some time reading, watching and listening to the other side. It’s painful and potentially hazardous to breakable items in my house; but I want to know if the other side is as sick of being lied to as I am. Both Romney and Obama are elitist liars. Wouldn’t the fact that Cain isn’t a politician appeal to independents? Wouldn’t it be a great contrast to Obama in debates? I see this as a selling point for Cain. I think it makes him MORE electable. Polls show Cain can beat Obama. Do you think the pundits know he can beat Obama but, like you said, they are falling in line to give Romney what they feel he is due?
        MLaChance recently posted..Marxist, Say The WordMy Profile

  • RandyG October 13, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    Whoever Palin taps will be the nominee, bank on it.
    RandyG recently posted..Tea Party Recession?My Profile

  • silverfiddle October 13, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    I don’t know if it’s all so conspiratorial. I think it is more explained by water flowing downhill due to the laws of gravity. It’s Romney’s turn, he’s the properly homogenized candidate…

    It was purposely staged like that, since Romney is the frontrunner.

    I listened to Hugh Hewitt on the drive home yesterday, and he’s been calling the RNC stupid for quite awhile now because they allow liberal news outlets and liberal media stars to take control of their debate process. I completely agree with him on this.

    It should be conservatives and conservatives only moderating the debates and asking the questions, since this is not the general election, but the GOP primary.

    It should be George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Medved, Charles Krauthammer and other known conservatives who have a vested interest in the GOP picking the best candidate asking the questions.

    The GOP is allowing the left to shape these debates by putting them in their hands.
    silverfiddle recently posted..Obama’s Brain Trust is Brain DeadMy Profile

    • John Carey October 13, 2011 at 9:55 PM

      I agree with what you’re saying Silver. I think it’s foolish for the RNC to allow the Obama loving media to shape the narrative of the conservative debates. Good take on it. I didn’t want to come across as conspiratorial. I only tried to call it that way I put things together in my own mind.
      John Carey recently posted..My thoughts on the debate…we’re being played. My Profile

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire October 13, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    Rasmussen has it Cain and Romney 29% each and Gingrich next with 10%. This isn’t over yet. And I do agree that Palin will steer this away from Romney.
    Jim at Conservatives on Fire recently posted..Trying To Stay Positive for America’s SakeMy Profile

  • Bunkerville October 13, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    I am with you exactly. Cain needs do better with his Federal Reserve questions. He had to know sooner or later it was going to come up, and to say Greenspan was just fine and his favorite Chairman as well is troublesome.
    Bunkerville recently posted..Herman Cain: Federal Reserve Audit UnnecessaryMy Profile

  • Teresa October 13, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    John, I have to agree with you, LD, and Steve. We are being played. The media is anointing the GOP candidate. We must fight back hard against the establishment. We need a real debate. Rose from the show Quinn & Rose Show suggested having a debate moderated by conservative talk show hosts. I like this idea. What do you think?
    Teresa recently posted..Pot Meets Kettle: Michael Voris Says Ya Gotta Be Kidding!My Profile

  • Trestin October 13, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    I have to differ, I think Cain is the establishment candidate. His connections to, and support of the Fed well known. I don’t like Romney’s stance on almost anything, but he is what he is; Cain on the other hand is the embodiment of political evil in America. His connections to the Fed are actually worse than if a candidate was an unrepentant former member of Al-Qaeda.
    Trestin recently posted..The Fix Is InMy Profile

    • John Carey October 13, 2011 at 10:04 PM

      I know about Cains connection to the FED and I will be the first to say it was not very good. I never said I was a Cain fan, I just don’t want the people steered towards Romney by the establishment. I think people know I tend to lean to Ron Paul. He really is the only candidate talking about liberty and that’s who I have gravitated towards.
      John Carey recently posted..My thoughts on the debate…we’re being played. My Profile

  • proof October 14, 2011 at 1:32 AM

    I didn’t catch the debate, but your analysis seems reasonable.
    proof recently posted..Ron Paul’s Eyebrow RugsMy Profile