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Judge Napolitano: Fascism is here already…

I remember when George W. Bush was President and the left calling him a fascist. At the time I was wearing my establishment goggles and didn’t want to see what many on the left saw Bush doing in regards to government interference in the private sector. I chose to look the other way because I viewed it as just another attack from the left to smear George Bush. When President Bush stated in December 2008 that he had to abandon free market principles in order to save the free market I finally began to see what the left was so angry about. Now we have President Obama doubling down on Bush’s interference in the free market and we’re not hearing a peep from the left. Below is another great clip from the judge. In it he talks about the government picking winners and losers and the government’s abuse of power in using our tax dollars to pick these winners and losers. Take five minutes to check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

So where are the cries of the left now?  Why aren’t they standing up for the free market now as they did when George W. Bush was President?  The answer is simple.  The left really isn’t against fascism, they’re only against the fascist in power if they have an “R” in front of their name.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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