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Teeing it up: A Round at the LINKs

This week another bad week for the rule of law and our constitution.  The Obama administration refused to comply with a congressional subpena request to turn over documents pertaining the Solyndra scandal.  This is pretty much par for the course as this administration has displayed a pattern of contempt for our constitution and the rule of law.  The MSM continued to practice “push journalism” with their push of the sexual harassment story directed at Herman Cain.  Once again a black conservative is attacked by the left and not a peep has been heard from the black community.  It’s interesting how the left leaning MSM has not attacked Mitt Romney.  I guess we know who they want to be our nominee.  The Occupy Oakland protest took a turn for the worse as the protest predictably turned violent.  The protesters total disregard for private property rights was on full display last week.  I guess this is what democracy looks like…mob rule.  On a side note, Minot actually had its first Occupy Minot protest yesterday.  It consisted of four people wearing Guy Fawkes masks holding up we are the 99 percent signs.  On another side note, temperatures in Minot will be dropping dramatically in the next few weeks and will remain in the teens through March.  Factor in the wind chill, and the protesters could be facing subzero temperatures on a daily basis within the month.  My guess is the protest in Minot will not last very long.

Each day our constitution is under assault from a group of people we elect and send to DC to represent our views.  In the last few years it has become abundantly clear that they care very little about the rule of law and the document that places limitations on their authority.  This is the reason government continues to grow; our constitution is being ignored.  The MSM who is suppose to be the watchdog for the republic has become a weapon used against it by these far left tyrants.  The watchdog role is now in the hands of conservative bloggers.  They continue to expose the left and their flawed ideology every day.  Below are LINKs to some great articles from these sites.  They are must read articles, so please take the time to hit the LINKs and enjoy a another SENTRY JOURNAL round at the LINKs.

A Conservative Teacher: Tea Party and Conservatives are the Counter-Culture…

Ace of Spades: Flashback: Romney Wasn’t Always Firm on Immigration           

Adrienne’s Corner: Not interested in politics?…   

American Glob: Here’s Definitive Proof That Nancy Pelosi Is a Lying B…  

America’s Watchtower: The White House rejects Solyndra subpoena  

ARRA News Service:  An Open Letter to Washington, D.C.’s Mayor Vincent C. Grey     

Atlas Shrugs: Muslims in France Force Non-Muslims to Cry “Allahu Akbar”     

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead: The Search For Intelligent Life At The DNC   

Big Journalism: Andy Rooney Dead at 92   

Bread upon the Waters: Would it be too much to demand that students study LOGIC?         

BUNKERVILLE: Corzine bankrupt firm tied to Soros 

Capitol Commentary: Are People in the OWS Movement Because They’re Losers?      

Catholibertarian: Confusing Libertarianism and the Catholibertarian Philosophy…       

COMMON CENTS: Video: Newt Gingrich vs. Herman Cain Debate       

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Occupods Keep Trying to Stage a Kent State: Still Failing   

Conservatives On Fire: Selling Conservative Ideas to the Unaligned Voters

Conservative Outpost: The case against Occupy                  

DON’T TREAD ON US: Yes Virginia, There is a 1%…      

Doug Ross@Journal: Perfect: Overpaid, Unionized Federal Workers Join #OWS Movement 

Elephants in the Bluegrass: McConnell Contrasts Jobs and Infrastrucure Bills        

EYE OF POLYPHEMUS: Formspring Question #276–Primary Consensus Edition

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Newt Gingrich the “Big Winner” at the Iowa GOP’s Ronald Reagan Dinner

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Pelosi Ambushed On Conflict Of Interest At Press Conference         

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:  All of the sudden, Politico wants to be fair and balanced    

Liberty At Stake:  Received From a Cable Communications Provider

Maggie’s Notebook: Occupy DC 2 Toddlers Blockade: Hamas Tactics Occupy DC Video              

Manhattan Infidel: Occupy Wall Street Welcomes New Corporate Sponsor

Moonbattery: America’s Mayor: Obama Owns Occupy Wall Street        

Motorcitytimes: Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Energy, International Economics and Environmental Expert

NoOneOfAnyImport: Herman Cain Accusations: The Saga Continues    

NUKE’s: Newt Now!        

Pirate’s Cove: USA Today Notices Occupiers Are Morons Regarding Guy Fawkes Masks        

Political Realities: Ron Paul at Iowa Manufacturing Forum – Video       

Proof Positive: Lawsuit: McRib Pigs’ Living Conditions “Cruel and Unusual”      

Proud American Capitalist: Politicians & Smear Tactics   

Randy’s Roundtable: General Should Be Promoted, Not Fired                   

Right Truth: Cain Gets Standing Ovation        

Right Klik: Top Reasons to Oppose Mitt Romney            

rjjrdq’s America II: South Carolina Immigration Law Under Attack         

Robbing America: Ron Paul For Freedom . . . . . . With Exemptions            

SayAnything Blog: Democrat Not Real Enthusiastic About Campaigning For Obama This Year 

Spellchek: Individuality gone AWOL

teresamerica: Star Parker: Get Government Out Of Welfare Now! 

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Halloween Light Show…Awesome       


The Camp Of The Saints: The DC Soviet Storms The Washington Convention Center     

The Classic Liberal: Department of Homeland Security “Intellistreets”; VIP(E)R       

The Country Thinker: Reeducating the Economically Illiterate Occupiers          

The Daley Gator: The OWS goons growing more violent      

The Libertarian Patriot: Steve Kroft Catches Nancy Pelosi With Her Hand In The Cookie Jar 

The Lonely Conservative: Call the Democrat Party – Tell Them You’ve Had Enough of the Mob!   

THE OTHER McCAIN: Interview With Reporter Harassed at Occupy DC Protest       

The Reaganite Republican: Democrats Want to Control YOUR State’s Voter Registration   

The TexasFred Blog: White House counsel refuses House panel’s sweeping Solyndra subpoena      

Thomas Jefferson Club: Violence at Protests – No Kidding? 

TOTUS: Nutty Politics 

To Be Right: On Behalf of Liberty, These Are The Fights Of Our Lifetime

Virgina Right: NEW RON PAUL MONEY BOMB: Support the TROOPS

WARD WORLD: Spring Forward, Fall Back: A Brief History    

WESTERN HERO: Muslims Immigration: Even Open-Minded People Think it’s a Bad Idea       

What Would The Founders Think: Our Campaigner     

WyBlog: Apparently the town tennis courts are more important than my neighborhood

Occupy Oakland Peaceful Protest

Once again thank you for all the outstanding articles.  Have a great Sunday!

Liberty forever, freedom for all.


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