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Why I support Ron Paul

A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled I’m not the same conservative I was five years ago.  In the article I describe my transformation from being a conservative who supported candidates with an “R” in front their name to a conservative who now supports a candidate whose first name begins with the letter “R.”  I wouldn’t have supported Ron Paul five years ago, but I do now because as I have said he’s the only candidate talking about liberty and liberty is what will save us.  We are in such dire straits as a nation we can no longer turn a blind eye to these watered down conservatives claiming to be something they’re not.  Why has Ron Paul had limited time during the debates?  Why has the media ignored him?  Why is it that in a time when we’re in such economic turmoil, the talking heads point out Ron Paul’s foreign policy position (which by the way aligns more with the foreign policy position of our founding fathers) and ignore his position that promotes a free market economy and capitalism.  Are they afraid of the message?  Are they worried that his stance on a number of issues could rock the status quo boat?  Ask yourself if the election of watered down conservatives in the past has advanced the conservative cause?  From where I sit it has actually made it worse.  We can’t afford to nominate another RINO or big government conservative.

Mitt Romney is a RINO plain and simple.  The left is going to beat him up with RomneyCare and his flip flopping on the issues.  I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.  Newt Gingrich might be a solid debater, but he’s also phony conservative who has supported big government programs in the past.  Before you throw your support behind Gingrich check out this article over at National Review Online; his record speaks for itself.  Herman Cain has always my second choice, but his inability to effectively handle the sexual harassment charges hurled at him from the left has hurt him terribly.  He has lost key support with women and some social conservatives; support I feel he will not be able to recapture.  Rick Perry is in a state of flux right now.  I think he has the potential and money to make a run and I like what he has to say but because he is such a poor debater I’m afraid he won’t be able to stand toe to toe with Obama in a debate and win.  So this brings me to Ron Paul and why I support the man.

Ron Paul has been consistent in his message.  He believes the key to America’s success rest with individual liberty.  He wants to bring an end to the manipulation of our currency by bringing an end to the FED.  He wants to eliminate the income tax and the IRS.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would also be on his to-do list to shut down.  His strong desire to reduce the size of government by eliminating wasteful agencies that stifle the growth of the free market through their regulations is something all conservatives should get behind and embrace.  He wants to make our military a more effective force by eliminating wasteful programs and reducing our footprint throughout the globe.  He wants to get us back on the gold standard, forcing the government to live within its means because they will be unable to just print money.  These are a few things that Ron Paul wants to change about D.C. and they scare the hell out of both the left and right.  I want to close the article with some quotes from Ron Paul.  Please take the time to read them and if by the end you still can’t back Ron Paul, then what kind of conservative are you supporting?  Think about it.

Ron Paul quotes:

1913 wasn’t a very good year. 1913 gave us the income tax, the 16th amendment and the IRS.

A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank.

All initiation of force is a violation of someone else’s rights, whether initiated by an individual or the state, for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals, even if it’s supposed to be for the benefit of another individual or group of individuals.

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war – starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.

Believe me, the next step is a currency crisis because there will be a rejection of the dollar, the rejection of the dollar is a big, big event, and then your personal liberties are going to be severely threatened.

Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven’t had capitalism.

Deficits mean future tax increases, pure and simple. Deficit spending should be viewed as a tax on future generations, and politicians who create deficits should be exposed as tax hikers.

How did we win the election in the year 2000? We talked about a humble foreign policy: No nation-building; don’t police the world. That’s conservative, it’s Republican, it’s pro-American – it follows the founding fathers. And, besides, it follows the Constitution.

I am absolutely opposed to a national ID card. This is a total contradiction of what a free society is all about. The purpose of government is to protect the secrecy and the privacy of all individuals, not the secrecy of government. We don’t need a national ID card.

I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.

I will always vote what I have promised, and always vote the Constitution, as well as I will not vote for one single penny that isn’t paid for, because debt is the monster, debt is what’s going to eat us up and that is why our economy is on the brink.

If you like small government you need to work hard at having a strong national defense that is not so militant. Personal liberty is the purpose of government, to protect liberty – not to run your personal life, not to run the economy, and not to pretend that we can tell the world how they ought to live.

Of course I’ve already taken a very modest position on the monetary system, I do take the position that we should just end the Fed.

Our country’s founders cherished liberty, not democracy.

The obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.

There is nothing wrong with describing Conservatism as protecting the Constitution, protecting all things that limit government. Government is the enemy of liberty. Government should be very restrained.

There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.

You don’t have freedom because you are a hyphenated American; you have freedom because you are an individual, and that should be protected.

You can read all his quotes here>>

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Infidel de Manahatta November 17, 2011 at 4:32 AM

    It’s rare when the left and the right agree but they both are frightened by Ron Paul. And for good reason. Actually I forgot, the left and right agree on one other thing: Big government, crony capitalism and a useless devalued fiat currency.
    Infidel de Manahatta recently posted..Peace, Love and Hippies! It’s a Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodMy Profile

    • John Carey November 17, 2011 at 6:20 AM

      Indeed Manhattan. Both the left and right have forgotten about individual liberties. It is going to take a renewed sense of liberty to save the republic and drive the progressives back into the shadows of the national debate.
      John Carey recently posted..Why I support Ron PaulMy Profile

  • LD Jackson November 17, 2011 at 5:15 AM

    Well said, John. The quotes at the end really sum up the reasons all of us should support Ron Paul.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Ron Paul Moves Into Second in Iowa and New HampshireMy Profile

    • John Carey November 17, 2011 at 6:22 AM

      I found the quotes hit the message home about the man. How can any conservative disagree with what he is saying. If they do, then are they really conservative?
      John Carey recently posted..Why I support Ron PaulMy Profile

      • LD Jackson November 17, 2011 at 6:24 AM

        Something else that I wonder about. I was listening to Neal Boortz, who has a strong libertarian streak, and he was giving a run down of the candidates who might move into the top tier. He mentioned everyone except Ron Paul. I can’t figure out why he would leave him out.
        LD Jackson recently posted..Ron Paul Moves Into Second in Iowa and New HampshireMy Profile

        • theCL November 17, 2011 at 4:33 PM

          I meant to address this quandary on your blog earlier … Like conservatism, there are many flavors of libertarianism. Boortz is a Beltway libertarian – the libertarian equivalent to RINO – so it’s no surprise Boortz ignores him.
          theCL recently posted..theCL Report (November 17, 2011)My Profile

        • Brian November 18, 2011 at 4:15 PM

          I’m an Atlanta guy and used to listen to Boortz. I’ve come to conclude he’s part of the establishment just like Cain. He’s kind of an A-Hole too!

  • Steve Dennis November 17, 2011 at 5:34 AM

    The latest polls show Ron Paul doing well in Iowa and New Hampshire and these individual polls are more important in a primary than a national poll, so it looks like he might be gaining momentum. If he can have a good showing in Iowa and carry momentum into New Hampshire he might just make a solid run at this regardless of his lack of debate time.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Solargate: $1.4 billion in stimulus money sent to a “green” company owned by Robert Kennedy JrMy Profile

    • John Carey November 17, 2011 at 6:24 AM

      I hope you are right Steve. It just boggles the mind as to why the press and pundits are ignoring him. They don’t want to hear about freedom and liberty and that’s sad.
      John Carey recently posted..Why I support Ron PaulMy Profile

  • TLR November 17, 2011 at 8:42 AM

    Perhaps another constructive, peaceful tactic for Ron Paul supporters would be to boycott the ads/products that support the TV news outlets that continually ignore or skew info about him. Start phoning these news outlets directly with this idea–their offices and viewer call-in segments–and re-direct all of this energy from the internet and focus it on the TV MEDIA, which is doing more of the blackout than the internet. A Ron Paul bomb if you will. Petitions are very good tools too.

    • John Carey November 17, 2011 at 10:55 PM

      Thanks for the comments, but to be honest I believe the best way to change hearts and minds is to continue to expose the MSM for who they are.
      John Carey recently posted..Why I support Ron PaulMy Profile

  • Jim at Conservatives on Fire November 17, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    I wish the Tea Parties would get behind Paul in force. I’m not optimistic at this point in time. The early primaries should tell us which way the voters are leaning.
    Jim at Conservatives on Fire recently posted..Is Insanity Here To Stay? What About A Third Party?My Profile

    • John Carey November 17, 2011 at 10:58 PM

      I believe his support is much stronger than the polls are showing. We shall have to wait and see how the first few states go. I’m optimistic Jim.
      John Carey recently posted..Why I support Ron PaulMy Profile

  • Matt November 18, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    And in spite of the media ignorance, he is now #2 in the Iowa.
    Matt recently posted..Whatcha Doing Here?My Profile

    • John Carey November 19, 2011 at 12:11 AM

      He is indeed Matt. The thing about Ron Paul supporters is they’re all in and will not easily swayed to another candidate.
      John Carey recently posted..Why I support Ron PaulMy Profile

  • John Galt November 20, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    (Warning: I am not against Ron Paul, I’m against losing in 2012)

    Now, in that light, try and elect a candidate that issues the following statements in a general election against an incumbent president:

    – “I think the greatest danger for us now is to overreact… Iran doesn’t have a bomb, there’s no proof, and for us to overreact and talk about bombing Iran is much more dangerous”.

    – “I don’t support sanctions against Iran”, . . . “[they are] the initial steps toward war”.

    – “[9/11is] the policy makers’s [US] fault” . . . “[they] contributed to it”.

    – “I would not have authorized the killing of Osama Bin Laden”.