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Who Am I?

In the land of opportunity where we take pride in earning by the sweat of our brow, I am most thankful for that which I neither worked for nor deserved, but was nevertheless abundantly and generously given to me freely by my Savior; grace.

I know that among our readers, there are some of you who do not have the same religious creed or experience as I, and that is fine from the perspective of this blog.  I’m not going to preach to you a message of salvation or get behind a religious pulpit… but I will speak my mind on an issue that has been nagging at me for weeks. 

My last post was fairly pessimistic.  The title, “Four More Years of Obama” was meant to be taken a bit tongue and cheek, but a bit serious as well.  Currently, I’m growing tired of politics, not because of politics in itself, but because of the nature of the game it is and has become.  Many of us who participate in the political realm do so out of duty to ourselves, our neighbors, and our children.  We become frustrated when we see the apathy and willing ignorance of far too many; they have abandoned their responsibility and we must pull their weight.  I get that and I have been there…but there are times when even Atlas must shrug. 

Now, before I let this get away from me, let me guide this into optimism.  Going back to my opening line, a bit of a small epiphany that hit me on Thanksgiving Day was that even in the bleakest of moments (or perhaps even more so in those moments) we have so much to be thankful for.  I think that we who crawl through the grime of politics on a daily basis tend to see nothing but the filth surrounding us and lose sight of that which is still beautiful.  We are still, by and large, free people.  We bow to no king, we are threatened by few, our bellies are full, and we are, dare I say, BLESSED. 

If we, for a moment, consider all of man from the beginning of time to now, few have lived in the luxury that a common American lives in today.  Kings of yesteryear lived in drafty castles and were pulled down bumpy roads by horses.  How many of them would have melted down all of their gold and traded it for an air conditioner in the summer or an electric blanket in the winter?  Yet, we cry out as if we are in want.  We haven’t even considered the commoner who was born into a system that left him not only deprived of any sort of luxury, but also the dignity of freedom.  Today we have both of those things which man has naturally yearned for from the beginning of our existence – the means to live and the context of that life within the vast borders of liberty. 

It isn’t just because our lot has cast us in the right time period, but also in the right place.  Why do you deserve, more than any other man, the blessing of being born here in this land at this time?  Is it something of your doing?  Does the man who works 18 hour days in the hot of the Congo Basin deserve less of life’s bounty than you?  We, friends, are a fortunate few. 

Last Thursday many of us expressed our gratitude, perhaps in different ways and to different entities, for the fate that we’ve found ourselves in.  For me, it was a balance of rejoice and humility.  I rejoice in the fact that I have countless blessings, but am humbled by the fact that I neither deserve nor earned the majority of them.  The conservative inside of me is burdened with this bit of knowledge; I, a man who is more than able, am the recipient of life’s greatest charities due to no effort of my own, but the effort of my forefathers and the blessings of Heaven.


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  • LD Jackson November 28, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    Well done, RHM. None of us deserve the blessings we have and we would do well to remember that.
    LD Jackson recently posted..Where Is Our Loyalty?My Profile

  • Ag November 28, 2011 at 7:24 PM

    Most people take what we have for granted. My thoughts will be scattered so please roll-bounce. No longer do we spend hours a day looking for even a single meal, wondering if we will be able to feed everyone we care about. No longer do we have to “defend our kill” from those around us. We simply go perform a job or service for someone, receive what we consider valid compensation, then use that to acquire food with the utmost ease. The ability to go to a single location and have hundreds and thousands of options for what to eat, drink, and entertain us. Bill Whittle made a fantastic comparison with the 7/11 and a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
    As for the state of politics, as bad as it sounds, I want an atrocity to happen to force a change in the way the “game” of politics are played. I want it to go back to being something as simple as two or more people wanting to fulfill the duty and privilege of making the toughest decisions for a large community. No lying, cheating, scheming, scandals, etc. Honor has been lost in most politicians. Honor has been lost because there is power to be had and money to be made. I am no genius and much of the time I am uninformed, but I know a lack of honor and dedication when I see it.

  • Steve Dennis November 28, 2011 at 7:56 PM

    Great post RHM! Being so intwined in politics as we bloggers are it seems as if we can easily fall into the trap of negativity but we must remember that no matter how bad it may seem right now we still live in the greatest country ever founded and still have more freedom than any other nation ever conceived and for that we should be thankful. It is easy to take this freedom for granted when we haven’t had to fight for it (at least I haven’t fought for it, I know many bloggers actually have) but we must never lose perspective.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Barney Frank will not run for reelectionMy Profile

  • Bunkerville November 29, 2011 at 7:21 AM

    I get weary of politics as well. I am presently reading a diary of a revolutionay soldier. No one special, just a soldier. Under the most horrendous circumstances, he remained true to the cause. It gives new meaning to being tired of politics. I urge everyone to look at the post linked below. The vote will be any day. Write your Congressman.
    Bunkerville recently posted..Americans to be detained indefintely under AmendmentMy Profile

  • Teresa November 29, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    Great post, RHM! Our blessings come from God. I thank God for all of my blessings.
    Teresa recently posted..Eagle Freedom Links – Christmas Movies Edition: 11-29-11My Profile