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Judge Napolitano: No difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama

I do love these clips from Judge Napolitano because he knows how to get his message across so well; something Ron Paul still struggles with in my opinion.  In the below video he basically makes the case as to why Romney and Santorum are not up to the task to make the necessary changes to reestablish the constitution as the law of the land.  There is only one candidate who is standing up for the constitution and liberty. Check it out.

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Folks yesterday the President in my opinion violated the constitution by making what he called a recess appointment.  The problem is congress was not technically in recess; he just decided to push forward and violate the law of the land and make his appointments without the consent of the senate.  His tone was one of total disregard for the congress and this deeply troubling.  Like it or not the congress is made up of the voices from the states (Senate) and the people (House) and yesterday President Obama’s actions sent a clear message that he doesn’t care about the constitution, the people, and the states.  He going to do whatever he wants to force his fundamental change on all of us.  It was a power grab unlike anything this nation has ever seen.  Scary stuff.  These are the kind of things that happen in the final days of the Roman republic.  Think about that.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!



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  • silverfiddle January 5, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    There is a difference between them. To say otherwise is tendentious. One could also say there is no difference between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, or speculate what the western world would look like had we not entered World War 2..


    Such broad brush statements blur the lines at a time when we instead need sharp focus on what the differences between the candidates are.
    silverfiddle recently posted..The NDAA and YouMy Profile

    • John Carey January 5, 2012 at 8:58 PM

      We’re marching down the path to nominating another RINO because many are buying into the any one but Obama sales pitch. Look I know I’m not going to convince you or many others to support Ron Paul, but this is much is true, he’s the only candidate who is offering something radically different than we have seen since FDR. Romney is a big government politician and I don’t see how electing another RINO changes the tone or the way business in done in DC. I’ve always said the only difference between Romney and Obama is one gets us to the same point faster than the other.
      John Carey recently posted..Judge Napolitano: No difference between Mitt Romney and President ObamaMy Profile

  • TexasFred January 5, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Sure there’s a difference between Mitt and the Twit, a few shades of skin color and Mitt was really born in the USA…
    TexasFred recently posted..Father: Suspect in deadly Utah shootout had PTSDMy Profile

  • Teresa January 5, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    One main difference between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum is that Rick has a successful record of authoring legislation and getting them passed and Ron doesn’t. I just searched in the internet and couldn’t find any evidence of Napolitano’s unfounded accusation that Santorum voted to fund abortions. Smear tactic by Napolitano? Romney has flipped-flopped but he has flip-flopped the right way. Should we really criticize people who correct their mistakes? Romney is an establishment Republican but he is better than Obama.

    The problem is that Ron Paul is knee-jerk game changer and is too extreme with certain policies which will turn off many people. He is the polar opposite of Obama and that extreme may not be good come election time. Santorum is the right game changer at the right time who believes in limited government, religious liberty (liberty in general), a strong national defense, helping the poor via subsidiarity, and has a great economic plan to get the economy booming again.

    • John Carey January 5, 2012 at 10:43 PM

      Don’t get me wrong Teresa if I wasn’t supporting Ron Paul I would choose Santorum over Romney and Gingrich all day long. I never said Santorum wasn’t conservative. However we’re in such dire straits as a nation right now we’re going to need somebody that is willing to take drastic measures to pull us out of the progressive quicksand America is sinking in. I’m not saying Rick Santorum wouldn’t be a good President. I’m saying we need someone who will rock the very foundation the establishment house is built on. As for Romney…I cannot support him in the primaries period. He is not a conservative and the sooner people figure this out the better the Republican Party will be for it.
      John Carey recently posted..Judge Napolitano: No difference between Mitt Romney and President ObamaMy Profile

  • Bob Mack January 6, 2012 at 12:07 AM

    It’s time to begin impeachment proceedings while we still can.
    Bob Mack recently posted..What He Says And What He Means…My Profile

  • Steve Dennis January 6, 2012 at 5:29 AM

    The judge makes many good points again. The fact that this defense bill passed with such overwhellming support is very troubling and it is sad that the only person running for president who does not agree with it is Ron Paul. I have some issues with Santorum but I believe he is a true conservative and he is who I will be voting for in the 10th, but Romney is so far ahead in New Hampshire that it is pretty much already decided that New Hampshire will vote for the man the establishment is forcing on us.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Barack Obama names recess appointees even though the Congress in not in recessMy Profile

    • John Carey January 6, 2012 at 6:34 AM

      I know what you mean when you say how troubling it is to see the NDAA with such overwhelming support to include from our choice of candidates. We have been steered and pushed towards Romney since the very beginning by the establishment and it now looks like they’re well on their way to getting what they want. How easy people can be manipulated. This happens because the majority of the people are still uninformed and ignorant.
      John Carey recently posted..Judge Napolitano: No difference between Mitt Romney and President ObamaMy Profile

  • Silverfiddle January 6, 2012 at 6:30 AM

    Ron Paul is advancing a liberty agenda and shaping the narrative, and I think that is very important.

    In The Constitution of Liberty, Hayek talks about how a political or intellectual idea doesn’t really become fully functional until it ceases belonging exclusively to the owner and is internalized and bandied about by society at large..

    I think it will prove true in this case as well. Who was talking about the constitution 5 years ago? monetary policy? Libertarianism?

    We’re learning and advancing. I just hope it isn’t too late.
    Silverfiddle recently posted..When Liberalism Stood for SomethingMy Profile

  • Bunkerville January 6, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    We would be foolish to discount Paul and whoever supports him even if we do not agree. I do believe he is shaping the election. This has given Obama support for the cuts in our military. We need to cut it no doubt. But a Trillion Bucks in one swoop?
    Bunkerville recently posted..Obama’s third Party ‘Americans Elect’ to steal election?My Profile

  • John Galt January 7, 2012 at 11:06 AM

    You all make good arguments on the important issues of our time. The debate is healthy and helps to clarify the problems the nation is facing. I agree with much of what is said by John C. and others.

    However, we are preaching to the choir. The issues and presentations need to be exposed to that large group – very, very, large group – of Americans that actually elect our representatives. To bring them into the fold and make them participate on the issues of the day we must avoid and be very careful not to have titles and headlines in our work that will just repelled them, i.e., “No Difference Between Mitt Romney and President Obama”.
    John Galt recently posted..The Libertarian Party Is A Puzzle – Here, A couple of Pieces.My Profile

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