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ABC’s Failure Leads to Romney’s Win

Leave it to the democratic spinster Stephanopoulos to make Romney look good in an attempt to make him look bad. I couldn’t believe the line of questioning regarding the stupid contraceptive hypothetical. It was the equivalent of Chris Wallace asking a democratic candidate if he thought the fed COULD legalize partial birth abortion. It is the classic “Have you stopped beating your wife?” It is a “gotcha” question that democrats have mastered.

Had Romney (or any candidate) answered “Yes, the states have a constitutional right to ban contraceptives”, then we never would have heard the end of how the GOP nominees want to ban contraceptives. If he would have said no, then he would have been attacked as someone who isn’t socially conservative and is against states’ rights. Romney, smartly, didn’t fall for it. He turned the table on Snuffaluffagus and, unfortunately, won the audience in his defiance.

Diane Sawyer wasn’t any better. She didn’t seem to be mentally capable to moderate a debate. My favorite display of her brilliance was when she attempted to pivot from the abortion issue toward “an issue that is more relevant to families watching at home” – gay marriage.

I don’t think anyone sounded particularly good. There were no homeruns and, unfortunately, the bias of the moderators made Romney look conservative and combative in contrast. That doesn’t help the conservative cause.

The best part of the debate, in my view, was when Gingrich pointed out the bias of the media in regards to the questions around gay marriage and how they ignore the flip side of the coin – how religion gets the shaft for the sake of gay rights. Again, Romney took advantage of Gingrich’s point and went into specific details about how the issue of gay marriage affects society as a whole. Again, he sounded conservative. I wasn’t a fan of their conclusion (that there should be an amendment defining marriage), but they did sound like social conservatives – something that has been just above a whisper up to this point.


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  • Silverfiddle January 8, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    I’m thankful for guys like you who sit through this stuff so you can give the rest of us the shorthand. I just can’t get excited about it because none of them impress me.
    Silverfiddle recently posted..America Condemns Itself to GuantanamoMy Profile

  • John Galt January 8, 2012 at 5:47 PM

    In the prizes we gave to the different categories from the debate, the “worst Question” category was given to Stephanopoulos.

    You are exactly right, RHM. He allowed Romney to look good in trying to make him look bad. But I have to tell you; Romney is sharp and does not put a foot wrong. The common complain that his opponents are going easy on him is not exactly right. It’s just that his opponents cannot push him into a corner because the guy is good.

    That bodes well for the chances that he will do the same with Obama. I advice our conservative friends that are still resisting; get over it, the sooner the better and let’s support the obvious winner; and the man that can, and will, beat Obama.
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