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Newt Gingrich: Once again the left is trying to manipulate the right

I got tell you when I first heard that ABC was going to air an interview with Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife Marianne Gingrich, my first thought was here we go again; the left leaning MSM is trying to manipulate the right.  Nothing ticks me off more than when the left tries to manipulate the right by using our core values against us.  Most conservatives respect and honor the institution of marriage and the left knows this.

Back in October when Herman Cain was leading and pulling away in the polls, Politico felt obligated to run a story that asserted Mr. Cain had sexually harassed two unnamed women during his tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association.  Even though the claims could not be substantiated, the MSM picked it up and ran with it.  When it was becoming apparent that the claims were not impacting his poll numbers, liberal lawyer and women’s rights advocate Gloria Allred stepped forward with Sharon Bialek another alleged victim of sexual harassment by Herman Cain.  Now people could put a face with the story and Cain’s numbers began to drop.  It didn’t matter if the claims could be proven or not, Herman Cain’s fate was decided.  The other shoe dropped in early December when an Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White claimed she had a 13-year affair with CainCain dropped out of the race a few days later and our choice was reduced by one.  It’s something note that since Cain dropped out of the running these stories magically disappeared.  They served their purpose.

Gloria Allred revealed what this was about in her interview with thegrio this past December.

When asked how she felt about Herman Cain and if she thought he would make a good president, she replied, Character and honesty are always an issue for anyone that is going to be in the White House.  Given the claims of numerous women about his misconduct, I think that his character and his honesty are definitely an issue.

When they asked if she felt responsible for potentially derailing his campaign, she replied, I don’t know if it is derailed, because he hasn’t said he’s quite stepped down yet.  He said he’s going to be thinking about it and talking to his family tomorrow.

So as you can see they know full well that character and honesty matters to conservatives and they used it against us.  They planted the seeds of doubt in regards to Herman Cain and they got away with it because we conservatives are very predictable when it comes to character and honesty.  Forget we have a President who has lied to the America people on a regular basis with stunning consistency.  His character and honesty are not in question here.

Cain realized he had lost many conservatives because of the allegations.  It didn’t matter whether they were true or not, the MSM established reasonable doubt in the minds of those supporting him and that was all the left needed to do.  They used our conservative values against us and forced a solid conservative candidate out of the race.  Like I said conservatives are very predictable as to how they will react to certain events or stories when character and honesty are in play.  The left knows this and they use it against us.  This is what they’re getting ready to do with Gingrich.

As many of you know I’m not a fan of Newt Gingrich.  I find his infidelity in his marriage with Marianne Gingrich deplorable.  I’ve been happily married for 19 years and believe in the institution of marriage.  But what I find almost as deplorable is the left trying to use my values and beliefs about marriage to influence how I vote for a candidate.  This is what they do and they do it quite effectively.  See Herman Cain.  Funny how they weren’t this interested in Barack Obama’s cocaine use, or his association with a domestic terrorist (Bill Ayres) or the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright.   Strange how they didn’t investigate his relationship with convicted real estate developer Tony Rezko.  No we can’t talk about the character and honesty of President Obama because it’s not up for discussion.  Instead the left wants to manipulate the right by steering us towards the candidate they want to run against.  We can’t fall for this tactic again.  We need to make our own minds up about who we will choose as our nominee.

Newt admitted he caused a great deal of pain in his marriage with Marianne.  He also admitted that he made mistakes that he regrets.  The one thing we all need to do is to keep things in perspective in regards to divorce.  I have witnessed first-hand the pain and anger divorce has caused people in my own life.  People say and do stupid things because divorce tends to be a very emotional event. It can turn nasty and ugly very quickly and the scars never really fade.  If you choose not to vote for Newt Gingrich because his infidelity goes against your core beliefs then follow your beliefs.  Just don’t let the left use this painful and emotional event in one of our candidate’s life to manipulate how you vote. Frankly I’m tired of the left picking our nominee by using our values against us.  Maybe the left needs to take a hard look at the character and honesty of their own candidate before they throw stones at ours.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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