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Judge Napolitano: What If We Only THINK We’re Free?

The judge touches on a topic in the below video that I have been thinking a great deal about lately.  Do we really have freedom or is it an illusion?  Did you know that a large majority of Roman citizens believed they still lived in a republic long after the republic had died?  Augustus Caesar, the first Roman Emperor was a shrewd politician who knew that he simply couldn’t transform the republic into an empire; the people of Rome would not stand for it.  They did cherish the idea behind the republic and believed in its institutions.  Augustus knew the only way he could hold onto power was if he had the support of the average citizen behind him.  Ending the republic was a sure fire way to lose this support and bring a quick end to his ambitious political career.   So instead of dissolving the Senate, he allowed it to remain intact even though it had very little power.

This served him in two ways.  The first and most important reason for keeping the Senate was to keep the illusion of a republic alive in the eyes of the people.  He wanted to keep his true intentions hidden from the masses.  It bought him time to solidify his power.  The second reason for not dissolving the Senate was Augustus realized he could use and manipulate members of the body to sell his reforms to the average citizen.  Acceptance of these reforms ensured that the transformation from a republic to an empire would be seamless.  It also created the illusion that Augustus was in tune with what the people needed and that he wanted what was best for each citizens.  So the Romans lost their republic and many didn’t even realize it.  I believe that is what’s happening to America.  It’s the same Act being played out with different performers.  Please take of few moments to watch the below clip.

YouTube Preview Image

What if we only think we’re free…  Something to think about.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!


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  • Steve Dennis February 2, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    More great stuff from the judge. This has really given me something to think about today. There is no doubt that we are being manipulated by the government and both parties are guilty because in the end all these people really care about is keeping their positions of power.
    Steve Dennis recently posted..Mitt Romney: “I’m not concerned about the very poor”My Profile

    • John Carey February 2, 2012 at 5:34 AM

      You know it Steve. The more we demand the reestablishment of a constitutional republic the more smoke and mirrors they throw up. The 112th was suppose to be the congress that start turning things around and what did they give us…smoke and mirrors. Would it surprise you to know that our debt actually increased by a larger amount from March 2011 to today, than from Feb 2010 to March 2011. I thought they were going to get the spending under control? Didn’t really work out for us did it…
      John Carey recently posted..Judge Napolitano: What If We Only THINK We’re Free?My Profile

  • Teresa February 2, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    Those were some very insightful words from the judge. I do believe that we as a people are still free. Are we less free? Yes. Unfortunately. We need to rollback much of the regulations and a number of laws that are unconstitutional like Obamacare and the Patriot Act.

    FYI – I haven’t figured out why the comment luv thingy keeps on saying internal error and not giving linkage to my latest post. It started happening after I voted on your site a while back. Its probably my computer but just thought I should mention it to you John.

    • John Carey February 3, 2012 at 5:06 AM

      We need to undo much of what Obama has put in place. Our lives are so regulated I’m not sure people can define what freedom really is anymore. I’ll check on the comment issue. Thanks for the comment Teresa.
      John Carey recently posted..Palin’s RightMy Profile

  • republican mother February 5, 2012 at 7:20 AM

    wow. That really sums up what’s going on. Many conservatives take heart that defending the corporations is defending the free market. They have no clue that these large corporations, and most of your mid-sized ones are all tied into the government machine and get special contracts, bailouts and custom made regs for their competitors. We are living at the tail end of a huge social engineering project, trying to corral us into certain jobs, small families and one frame of mind. The Judge is getting closer to the heart of the matter all the time.
    republican mother recently posted..Senator Brandegee Suicide or Cold Case?My Profile

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