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Paul Ryan: What real leadership looks like

Folks, we had better start listening to Paul Ryan, because we’re heading down the same road as Greece and very soon our debt is going to spiral out of control. It will reach a tipping point and we won’t be able to do anything to stop it. It’s an election year and both sides appear to be playing politics with our future. They don’t want to deal with this debt crisis because it’s the silly season when politicians paint a picture of rainbows and unicorns for the electorate. They want us feeling good about ourselves and buying into the empty promises they’re trying to sell us. Paul Ryan is one of the few elected official in Washington these days who is daring to stand on principles and tell the American people what the score really is in regards to our debt crisis. That is what leadership is about folks.  Leadership is doing the right thing no matter what the cost. The first clip is from a few weeks ago.

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You can hear in his voice how frustrated and disgusted he is with his colleagues for not passing a budget, because like he said you don’t even have a starting point to address this problem without a budget.  It starts and ends with a budget.  Instead we have continuing spending resolutions that continue to increase our debt at record levels.  This past Sunday on ABC’s This Week he discussed the budget, Medicare, Social Security, and partisan politics.  Below is a clip from his interview.

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While Representative Ryan offers up ideas and solutions to help restore America, his partisan minded colleagues play politics with our future and our children’s future.  He is speaking up and warning us of what America faces if we don’t get a handle on our spending problems.  He too is running for reelection this November, and yet he is not afraid to tell us the cold hard truth.  This is the kind of leadership that is needed to turn this thing around and unfortunately it’s lacking in D.C. these days.  Congressman Ryan cares about America and he sees what America will look like if we don’t correct course. I applaud Congressman Ryan for his efforts and his willingness to stand up for each of us.  This is what real leadership looks like.

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