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Big Breitbart – RIP

Honestly, I have too much stuff going on right now to write and publish this post.  I’m far too busy to fit this into my schedule – but I will because Andrew would have if he deemed it important…and Andrew was important.

John and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about the hope of the nation.  The context was somewhat dim and I felt that a bit of encouragement was needed.  At one point the question arose, “Is there any hope for us?”  My response was, “Of course there is.  We have people like Andrew Breitbart”. 

I never knew Andrew and never spoke to him in any capacity.  In fact, there are likely dozens of leftist Starbucks baristas who have a closer relationship with him than I.  That said, I always dreamed of making it “big time” by getting picked up on one of his “big” sites.  As a blogger, it is hard to not appreciate what Andrew has done.  A quick look at Technorati’s top 10 political sites and you will find Andrew behind the scenes in almost all of them – to include the HuffPo.  He has, more than any other conservative I know, trail blazed a path for individuals (such as I) to voice their opinions and pierce the convoluted message of the media.  For that I am eternally thankful.

I could make a list of Andrew’s great accomplishments, his toppling of ACORN, the exposure of Weiner, or his web success, but instead I will focus on his general cause.  Andrew’s never ending energy was generated by his disgust for America’s current media.  It’s not that Andrew hated media; in fact, he loved it.  He knew the importance of a media that held those in power accountable, but he also saw how our media had been co-opted by those in power.  Andrew was the godfather of a new media which justly shifted the current media into the same category as government; those who needed to be held accountable.  With that understanding there is no secret as to why two of his sites are called “Big Government” and “Big Journalism”.

Alas, Andrew Breitbart is gone…but there are still people like him.  In fact, it is because of Andrew that we have people like him doing the good work he started.  He showed us what can be done with the power of exposure and also demonstrated to us that you can have a ton of fun doing it.  Further, he called us to “walk toward the fire”, to get involved, ask questions, challenge the liberal mindset and win back our country. 

Is there any hope for us?  Of course there is.  We have people like Andrew Breitbart.


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